Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Girl...An Update.

Fever remains...but lower, which a good thing, right?

Decided to finally throw in the towel and take her to the doctor. But only for a strep and influenza swab. Can't throw in the towel too much.

Let me explain. I'm a nurse. I'm convinced this is either strep throat (for which the doc will see her if she's positive) or the flu (for which we can do nothing at this point, but wait it out).

Back to the story...

We arrive at the clinic and check in for a "lab walk-in". The lady at the desk informs me that for a flu swab, she'll need to see a doctor. Boo!! I "hmmmm" and "haaaaa" and decide that I don't want to spend my hard earned money on seeing a doctor (that isn't even our primary) only to have him order a flu swab, it come back positive, and him tell me to "push fluids, rest, and come back if it gets worse".

Yeah, I know that already.

So, I said skip it. The flu swab was only for my own peace of mind in case anyone else gets sick.

They swab my girl's throat (and teach her to hold her left thumb tight across her left palm and squeeze it so she doesn't worked!)...and we go out to wait.

In the waiting room, we ran into another local family with oodles of kids like us, and they tell us it's been running through their house for 2 weeks.

Gee. Great.

We get called back..."Negative". And guess what the nurse tells me?

"Push fluids, rest, and come back if it gets worse!"


I'm now convinced it is influenza. And my poor girl just has to fight it out.

I offered to take a nap with her (aren't I a great mom?!!), but she said "I feel worse when I sleep."

Guess what she's currently doing?

Poor peanut can't stay awake...


  1. Awh, poor Belle! There's been SO much crap running through schools it just isn't funny anymore! We just heard yesterday that mono is now rampant in our area, and a few cases just popped up at our school. Ugh. I hope she's better soon.

  2. Aw! Feel better little lady! I am so sorry to hear this - we've been battling illness upon illness since late January and watching your kids feel like crap is the worst :o( Hope it clears out soon and leaves the rest of you alone!

  3. bless her little heart. and bless her mama!

    you never know, you may be spared the who 'merry go round sickness' thing. I was SO SO SO worried Connor would come down with the stomach stuff Brayden had last week, but thankfully he (nor my DH and I) ever did. I like to think it was because I used an entire bottle of lysol and lysol wipes, but I think it was just God knowing I couldn't handle another sick baby. Or perhaps it was both. Who knows...

  4. We have the same thing here!
    It went from Grandpa to Uncle and now to Averi, Daddy and even myself. 5 days now and its still holding strong for most of us. BOO! Down with the flu bug!

    Get Well Soon!!!

  5. Poor little thing! Hope she kicks that nasty flu soon!

  6. Going to the Dr. can be so frustrating! Then, when you wait till they are on their death bed and take them in it's, "why didn't you come sooner?" Frustrating.

    That picture breaks my heart. So hard to see them like that.

  7. I get SO stressed out when my little lady is sick...she's 2.5 and has never been *really* sick but a cough and cold makes me totally lose sleep. It's seriously why I've decided to only have two kids...I just can't handle the stress of sick kids!!!

  8. My friends 4 year old is in the hospital with dehydration. they thought it was appendisitis (how in the world do I spell that), then they thought diabetic. he is on day 3 of being re hydrated and now her 2 year old has a 103 fever. they are now thinking he just really got dehydrated. please pray for them. she has 4 kids under 5. praying for your sweat girl


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