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It's Official...

He passed!

Which means I'm going to start losing years off my life he can drive. WITH a responsible adult. When did I get old enough to have a driver?!

While we were in the court house, my kids had LOT'S of opportunity to see uniformed police officers...on the way home, Hambone said:

"Police men are the goodest, bestest fighters...and superheros are."

You know, in case you had any doubt. ;)


  1. How cute...I love the things that kids say. They are so honest!
    I completely understand the 'new driver'. I've been through it several times and have the gray hair to prove it! But on a good note, once he can drive by can let him run your errands! Especially the items you need at the last minute from the grocery store that you forgot to buy!

  2. Wow! I am still pretending mine won't ever be old enough. However, at 12 he's old enough to start talking about, "...when I get Daddy's truck..." ugh! Good luck Mom!

  3. YAY!! Congratulations. You will LOVE having a driver when he gets his license. In the mean time, be thankful your hair is light.... it wont show all the grays that will quickly pop up with him driving.

  4. Congratulations!!!! Believe me, although at first it's scarier than all get out, you will soon begin to LOVE the fact that someone else can drive!!!

  5. Congratulations to him! :) Well done! It took me three attempts when I was 21! (Many moons ago! LOL)

  6. YAY, congrats to your handsome young man! I can't imagine that first time in the passenger seat with a new drier, EEK!

  7. scary, My son will be driving in a year and scary is all i can say

  8. Congrats! I'm dreading the day my son starts to drive. Like I need anything else to worry about. lol You have one handsome boy....God bless him =)


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