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TreeHouse Chronicles...and a Date!



It's the return of the TreeHouse Chronicles...only I can't remember what day we're on!! Something like, maybe, 1,208? I dunno. I think I lost count at Day 168, although that's not officially a THC post...the last THC post was Day 140...and that was in December, and no actual work was completed that day.

Good Lord. I can't count that far back. But...I think we've reached the year mark! I'll give you a sneak peek of what was worked on...

More tomorrow...I'm so proud of my hardworkin' handsome handyman!

It was a good weekend...I went "crafting" at a local craft fair, nabbed some adorable beanie hats for my girls:

And even snuck in a photoshoot for one of my best buds babes:

They're adorable! But, wow. I need some major practice shooting babies. As in, "plural" baby...two babes at the same time was quite the challenge! When one was happy and smiling, the other was looking away...when the other was looking somewhat in the general vicinity of the camera, the other was wanting more Cheerios.

Some of my faves...

Their mama is my new hero!

Oh!! And, we can't forget Date Night!

This week's Date of the Week is:

Steph from:

A small blog following our (not so small family). Living life as a full time working Mom to two crazy kids, and losing a ton of weight in the process (90 pounds so far)!

Steph has two adorable children, is hoping for a writing spot on the Walt Disney World Mom's Panel (wouldn't that be fun!?), has done an amazing job of losing weight (you've gotta check out her weight loss photos!), and she even punches her husband in the eye, sometimes. ;)

Go pay Steph a visit...and tell her Mama sent you!


  1. Pretty sure I was at the same craft fair!:) My friends little girls have those same cute hats from this weekend. Too bad I just have cute boys...Hope you found some other wonderful treasures!

  2. The shot of the gummy grins is adorable! Nice job. :)

  3. Accidentally hit Enter before I was done typing mah name! Oops!

  4. If I figure out how to successfully photograph my twins simultaneously, I'll share the tips asap. For now, fast frame rate and a large memory card and photoshop are my best buds. Good luck - they're beautiful pictures and adorable kiddos!

  5. Nice fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.


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