Monday, September 27, 2010

Feels so good...

Whoa. Wait...get your head out of the gutter! I'm just talking about "feel good" feelings!!

Three weeks ago, I was a crazy, PMS consumed, prednisone ruled lunatic. It was bad. For a girl who is normally cool as a cucumber, mellow, emotionally stable...feeling like a crazed, psycho, insane, emotionally unstable person was totally out of my box.

Looking back, I think it was a culmination of a whirlwind last month of summer starting with when our home became the resting place for a giant old oak tree, added to a vacation that cost more than we were anticipating, a weekend of busy running, back-to-school readiness, the Mr. leaving the country (which we couldn't afford because of the first two aforementioned things), then getting hit with Aunt Flo and a prednisone burst on the same day, in addition to some other stressors.

Really...I can see why I became crazy.

I have given my husband strict instructions that if I am ever in a life and death situation, and the only thing that will save me is let me die.

Arrrrggghhhhhh!! It was awful.

BUT!!! I am seein' the light!! I just realized, the other day, that "man alive!! I feel great!" And, I like feeling great! This is definitely more my cup of tea that the doom and gloom that was consuming my every thought and action a couple of weeks ago!

Friends...Mama's back...

And, it feels so good!


  1. I know how you feel, not with the prednisone, but with having everything pile up and get the best of you. I have had such an overwhelming couple of months I felt like my whole world was falling apart around me. I felt like I was getting hit with all sorts of random stressers from the craziest places.

    I am doing my best to pull myself out of it and beginning to feel good I am coming back.

    I am glad you are feeling better, it super stinks to feel crummy!

  2. If what I have seen the last week was you feeling bad, can't wait to see what's going to happen now.


    Okay seatbelts ready. Let's go. I already got the popcorn.

  3. I absolutely can relate, but I'm not out of it yet ;)

  4. Ohhh, you sound like me when I was on Clomid for my first. Ohhhh, that was so bad. He's almost 7, and I'm still apologizing for some things I said during that time. Oye.

  5. SO glad you are feeling like yourself again, the other feeling just plain sucks. Hope you have a wonderful week girl!!

  6. So happy to hear you're feeling like yourself again! I've been in that same haze before, and it is no bueno!

  7. I follow you on Twitter, so I would see your occasional tweets about the prednisone side-effects. I was just coming off prednisone when you mentioned you were starting it, and had no side-effects. After reading your tweets, I looked it up and wow! I didn't know it could have that effect(affect?) on people! So, I learned something... sorry it had to be at your expense! Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  8. So glad you're back!! What a wild ride....sometimes drugs are just what you need for a certain situation, other times they just make it worse.


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