Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Have you ever had a dream...

A desire. A, almost, need to do something?

But, been too afraid to take the leap. To make the plunge.

Too afraid of failure. Of rejection?

Money holding you back...uncertainties about how to forge ahead, how to make it work?

Me too.

And, someday...I hope I can see this dream come to fruition.

Someday soon!!


  1. I think I may know what and how you are feeling. I took a leap that made no sense in any of those areas. I'm still afraid, but some things are actually coming together quite nicely.

    Someone on Facebook posted a saying---sometimes you have to jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down. Pretty good stuff, I thought.

  2. Ditto. Story of my life. I do hope that my future is filled with dreams that come true. Just have to conquer fears and financial situations to get past the obstacles.

  3. I have totally been there, and recently. The decision to just GO FOR IT was one of the best ever! Not because I'm making a ton of money (photography), not because I think I'm great, but because I'm forcing myself out of my comfort zone, and in the process, growing as a person, learning lots, and surprising myself. I'm not typically a "take a leap" kind of girl, I'd much rather stand back where it's "safe", but the whole experience has been rewarding. :) Good luck in all of your future endeavors!

  4. As the saying goes.....
    You'll never steal second if your foot is planted on first.


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