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Ode to Summer...

Summer of '10 (and, that's not "oh-ten")

You treated us well.

Good weather, great memories, and a tree you did fell.

A family brought closer,

By far away destinations...

A season of bonding and a couple vacations. (This is sounding "Dr. Suess-ey"...)

Bike rides, late rising, and baseball galore...

Never had time for feeling "bored".

Many skinned knees were made better with band aids,

I learned, next time I'm in charge of the candy for the parades.

Campfires, s'mores, and ghost stories told...

Summer, we're sorry to see you come to a close.

Today, summer, we bid you farewell...

Tomorrow brings on the school bell.

Thank you, Summer of '10, for all that you were.

We enjoyed you so much, you went by in a blur.

(***For the record, I had this written, but not posted, before I saw a certain well-known blogger's recent no likey to copy cat. End Disclaimer.)


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic summer!! I'm not back to school until next Monday... I can't wait! Time for teaching school to begin!

  2. The kids in NC have been in school for 2 weeks...but summer isn't over until Labor Day...looks like yours was a good one! Hope the kids have a great school year!

  3. I enjoyed your blog post much more than a certain well-known blogger.

    LOVED A's bikini and hair-do!

    Can't believe the summer is over!

  4. You definitely had a fantastic Summer :)
    It's start of Summers for me (in Aus) and I am completely inspired by those gorgeous shot to give mine a tint of your cool shades :)

    Have a fantastic time :D


  5. Beautiful post! Mama M, your pictures are so good!! I love the tire swing one- that is great!!
    And, I thought your limerick was so cute and I honestly have no idea who's blog you are talking about so I didn't think you copied anyone.

  6. Whoa, schools have been in session here since Aug 9th!! It looks like you enjoyed your summer (except for the tree part)! Hope your kids have a great first day tomorrow! :)

  7. Wow.. summer sure did fly by! These are great pics girlie...such precious kiddos.

    Hope they all have a wonderful first day tomorrow. Cant wait to hear all about it :)

  8. Looks like lotsa fun! Great shots!!

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  10. what great pictures! seems like you all had a fabulous summer!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. This made me tear up (but then again I am pregnant, everything is making me tear up!) Hope that your kids are enjoying their back to school :)

  13. VERY cute post!!
    PS your family is beautiful!

  14. What a cute, cute entry! Love your pictures. Looks like you and yours had an awesome, memory making summer!
    Blessings for a wonderful week!

  15. haha, we should all copy one another sometimes. i only say that because i love everyones ideas

  16. Looks like a great summer!! Love the limerick and the photos!

  17. Love it :o) Your family is simply delicious. (Can I say that without sounding creeeeeep-y?) I think your photography is getting REALLY good! How do you have TIME for all this awesomeness?!


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