Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh boy.

Or, I guess what I mean is: "Oh girl, oh girl, oh girl, oh girl, girl, girl, girl, girl!!!"

Yes. Girl x 8. It's what I'm doing this afternoon. The Belle is having her "Friend Birthday Party"...which means I will be the sole guardian of 8 little girls, at a hotel pool, for 4 hours. When I spoke with one of the mom's and told her the times I was planning, she said, "Oh. REALLY? Are you sure you want them that long?!"

And I panicked. I started stuttering and stammering, "Wha'? Well...what??? Do you think that's too long?! You've done it before, am I gonna go crazy?????"

Then she tried to cover her tracks..."Oh, only 4 hours? Well, I'm sure it'll be fine." I really think she meant this: "Muwahahahahaha!!! You poor unsuspecting sap!! Good luck to YOU!!!! They'll eat you aliiiiiivvvvveeeeee!!!!"

So, now I'm nervous. And unprepared. I think I was trying to pretend I really wasn't gonna do it, or something.

*squeak* Help.

Please...pray for me, wish me luck, cross your fingers, rub my head...anything. In case you are wondering what I'm afraid of, let me list them out for you:
  • Losing my hearing from all of the shrieking.
  • Afraid of suddenly speaking 9 year old "valley girl" speak. "Like, oh my gosh!!"
  • Losing my mind.
  • Losing my hearing.
  • Losing my sanity.
  • Tearing out my hair.
  • Drowning myself in whiskey.
  • Losing my hearing.
And that's my short list.


  1. You'll be fine. Before you know it the four hours will be over and it will be just a memory. PS. Pack Tylenol and earplugs.

  2. You'll do fine. The time will go by so fast. But never do a sleep over party. Those are the one's that really drive you to want to drink LOL. That was *almost* the wildest night of my life. We have never had another.

    The worse party ever though:
    My daughter begged for a skating party. I always said no I was always afraid a child would fall and break something. I finally gave in a couple years back. The party went so smooth, then at the end a little girl fell. And GUESS WHAT? Sure enough broke her arm. I felt horrible.


  3. You'll have a pool. I'm assuming you'll have snacks. And birthday cake.

    It'll all be good. Later this evening you'll wonder why you worried so. Promise.

    On the other hand, if you'd planned to have them for four hours at YOUR HOME...then I'd be feeling sorry for you. Four hours would be too long for that sort fo thing. Unless you have a well-loaded iPod with great ear buds, no peripheral vision, and a great maid service on call. ;)

  4. just be thankful it 8 girls and not 8 boys! lol

  5. You are a brave lady!!!! But I think you will be fine. 8 year old girls can pretty much entertain themselves. Good luck! :)

  6. With your sense of humor you'll be fine...just laugh it off! (:>)

    Seriously can handle it.

    It will be fun to read how it do a post about it later!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  7. Totally get it. I have half that at any point with my four girls. Sometimes I wish it was legal to wear earplugs while driving....

    At least you can take solace in the fact that blogging doesn't depend on good hearing! :)

    Have fun!

  8. Need a hokey joke to get you through? :)


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