Sunday, January 31, 2010

Indulge me...

It's Sunday...

It's, scratch that...its frigid...

And, it should be Day 168 of the TreeHouse Chronicles.


Our world currently consists of ice (you can't call it snow can walk atop it...) on the ground (similar to "Pants on the Ground"...only ice), on the road, on everyone's driveways.

And frigid, bitterly cold air.

I want sun.

And warm air.

And green grass.

And chirping birds.

I want the TreeHouse Chronicles back in full swing.

Speaking of swing...I want that too. Swings. Slides. Playing outside.

Is it like this where you are? Are we in the same boat?

Or, are you lucky? Are you living in warmth and sunshine?

If you are...will you please send some my way?

Pretty please?

...with a cherry on top?


  1. No sunshine here. Sorry! We have 7 feet of snow on the ground and freezing fog in the air. I can't even see the back fence its so foggy. And it gets even's supose to rain all week. If you find some sunshine send it my way! This weather has me in mood! By the way, I'm in Oklahoma.

  2. Yup, right with ya girl. Ugh! Soon, it will go quick now, only 48 days til Spring! :)

  3. It's been very cold here this week too..Spring can't come fast enough for me :)

  4. No warmth here in Western PA but plenty of sunshine today. Several inches of snow on the ground make sunglasses a necessity. But no ice.

    Hang in there! Spring will be here soon - that's what I keep telling myself anyway. But first we need to get through the longest-lasting yet shortest-in-days month of February.

  5. Its cold in Chi town too.. I think we were at 9 this morning on our way to church. Its been a strange winter too... we get snow .... we get rain and the snow goes away... we get more snow... and its just cold....

    and to add insult to injury my folks just called from Playa del Carmen to see how we were.... and they complained about the bit of rain and the cloudy weather...... yeah right I'll take the rain and clouds in Mexico any day ;)

  6. North Texas is in your same boat. And it bites!

  7. It is so cold here in Texas, too. Can't wait for the sun!!!

  8. It is freezing here in PA today! Lots of beautiful sun, though!

  9. I am so looking forward to Spring. It is down right cold in Upstate NY!!!

  10. I'm with you. We've had several days of sunshine, but it is bitter cold out there! The past few days, it's been in the single digits at night. Unbearable, in my opinion!

  11. Wow! It's cold here too, but last Sunday we had one warm day(I think it was 55). At least a break in the cold helps.
    I can't wait for spring.

  12. Wow the weather really is getting to me. That should be 7 inches of snow. Not 7 feet.

  13. It would be swing, park, slide weather, if it was colder than normal(for this time of year) and rainy/misty/crappy outside.

    I mean, just last wed we were at the park, 3 days in a row...

    'posed to be 70 come end of this week.

  14. I'll try my very bestest to send some sunshine and warmth over to you - I'm so lucky to be living in Bermuda and it's nice to share! Ready?????? Whoooooosh - there. Get it ok?

    Yes.... I think I may be a little bit crazy... Oh well!


  15. Just a quick note here... It's 50 degrees here in Coastal Georgia...and I'm freezing! I know, how ridiculous is that? My sister is in Minneapolis and my dad lives in Norther, northern the U.P., so I can't or shouldn't complain.

    Blessings & Aloha!

    (I hope that you get a chance to stop by and read my post about our 3 births... I did try to put up the MckLinky thingy, but it won't show... so, put a direct link to your post.

    If you stop by, please let me know with a comment).


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