Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lyme's Disease.

It's out there.

Our dog has it.

Our Hambone had a nasty infection on his scalp last summer, and was treated for it.

My hubby pulled off a nasty tick Sunday...then showed me the area he pulled it from. Nasty. Red, scabbed, bruised looking center. Certainly NOT "bull's eye"...but definitely not pretty.

I told him he needed to see a doctor on Monday. He said (scoffing), "I'm NOT going to the doctor."

And that's when I got mean: "WHAT!!! Yes, you are. WHY wouldn't you? It would be pure stupidity if you didn't go." When I called him Monday morning...he still hadn't made an appointment, so I did it for him.

He went...and basically got it handed to him.


The PA he saw treated him for Lyme's disease with a standard one time dose of doxycycline.

Then, he went to the pharmacy, and got taken into the back room...where the pharmacist talked to him with such sincerity and honesty, that I think he actually opened up my husband's eyes as to how serious this can be.

He (the pharmacist) is being treated for Lyme's himself, he told my husband just how miserable it is, how serious it should be taken, that he is definitely on the right med, and that if ANY symptoms show up...to go back in.

I'm glad someone else let him have it about NOT brushing this off!

So, now we wait and watch. And I sit here saying, "I told ya so."


  1. Ahh, Mama M, what WOULD the men in our lives do without us nudging them to "do the right thing"? I can tell my husband "stuff" day in and day out, but it doesn't impact him until "Mr. So-n-so" on the job says it. Then I do a mental "doh!" headslap (a la Homer Simpson) and revel in the fact that at least SOMEONE got thru to him. *sign* Men, men, men...Please keep us updated on Mr. W's condition. Lymes disease really is nothing to play with.

  2. I'm so glad your husband went to the doctors (with some pushing). Lyme disease is nothing to mess around with. It's been going around our province and it's nothing pretty. Please keep us updated. I'll keep your family in my thoughts.

  3. I thought Lyme's Disease was much less common than that.. holy crap! Hope he is feeling better soon.

    shh.. but isnt that "I told you so feeling" great ;)

  4. Men are so hard headed. I have quickly learned that if I want my husband to go to the doctor,I better make the appointment. I mean, really, what's so hard about calling the doctor's office and making an appointment??!

  5. Sigh. My hubby had a case of it as a kid... and it still flares up now and again. It's bad ju ju. He also had rhabdomylosis once and wasn't going to go to the doctor until I physically dragged him there mere days before his kidneys would have shut down otherwise. And let's not even get INTO the shingles he had and kept brushing off as an allergic reaction to a bug bite. Idiots. Love them, but idiots.

  6. I know of someone right now who is battling Lyme's and it sounds SO, SO horrid. I hope your hubby gets better and doesn't get it bad!

  7. What is it with their aversion to medical treatment (or taking sick days)? Good for you, Mama! Hope he's all better soon.

  8. I know a 13 year old whos parents did not know she had even been bitten by a tick. Sick for two years before a diagnosis and know she is fighting for her life. Make sure you keep an eye on that spot and stay on him about it.

  9. How scary! Glad you made him go, men!


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