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Swine Flu--My Take

Nurses are germophobes, right?

Nope, not me.

I tend to be "mellowdramatic" (and yes, I meant to spell it that way!!) as opposed to "uberdramatic"...which is, perhaps, why I'm takin' this whole "swine flu" thing with a grain of salt.

Want my opinion?

Hmmm...well, if you don' not proceed!! Do not pass Go!!

So, the swine flu...medically, officially, known as the "H1N1" virus. Know what I think? I think it should be called the "bullcrap" virus.

'Cuz that's what I think it is.

Remember the Lyme's Disease scare? Overrated.

Remember the West Nile, mosquito bite encephalitis scare? Overrated.

Remember the Bird Flu scare? Really overrated.

Did you know that approximately 36,000 people die from the regular old seasonal flu every year?

Know how many have died from the swine flu? 477, according to this site.

I talk with the doctors at work, asking their opinion of the swine flu, know what they say? Well, actually, they don't say much, other than, "It's the flu!!" accompanied by a *scoff* and an eye roll.

Now, I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, but rumor has it that the media is making more of this flu due to our national healthcare debate (remember this post?) there's somethin' to chew on!

I am curious, tho', why the heck this darn flu is getting so much dang attention? A pandemic, they say? Versus an epidemic?

Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but the seasonal flu isn't limited to the US or a small geographical region or population, is it? Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I believe the seasonal flu is world wide, no?

And, yet, the seasonal flu is referred to as an "epidemic", while the swine flu is a "pandemic"...I don't get it.

However, now...with all of that said...will I get the H1N1 vaccine? I dunno. I'm torn, 'cuz at work it is "highly recommended"...but out of principle of how I feel about the H1N1 flu, I don't really want to. We are not a "high risk" family, no one pregnant (phew!!), no children with underlying medical/neurological conditions, no one with a chronic illness...our Tiny Girl falls into a high risk category because of her age, but even with that, I feel that her risk is minimal...she goes to a small daycare (and by small, I mean a family friend watches our kids along with hers...that's it).

Honestly? The regular flu scares me more than the H1N1, and for that, we are in the process of getting vaccinated.

And know what else? I think my E.W. had it, as in the swine flu, this summer! Remember his illness? (Check it out here, here, or here if you'd like...)...all the symptoms, 'cept way back then, they ruled it out with a negative influenza A. Turns out, now, that may not have been entirely accurate with that assumption!

Our healthsystem's pediatrician "swine flu guru" recently returned from the CDC in Atlanta...newest news? A negative influenza A is only 50% accurate for diagnosing H1N1!

Confused? Well, as early as this summer, if you were tested for influenza A and B, and A came back positive, they would sent it to the CDC for further culturing for the H1N1, a negative influenza A was considered to also be a negative H1N1...but now that's only been found to be 50% accurate.

Yeah, I totally think he had it! (Interestingly enough, one of the pediatricians who treated him, told me later that there were "several" cases similar to his in the following couple of weeks...interesting.) "So, why didn't everyone else get it?" is what dear old Gram asked, "you know, since it's so contagious."

Well, maybe, perhaps, it's not as contagious as it is portrayed to be. And that is totally, hypothetically, completely my opinion. Entirely. And, please, don't take me for an expert!

I'm just one mama, who happens to be a nurse, who happens to be a bit of a skeptic about the bullcrap virus swine flu.

And, that, my friends, is "My Take" on the swine flu!

Stay healthy, wash your hands, cover your mouth and stay home if you think you have it. Unless, of course:

A. You can't breathe
B. You can't breathe

In which case, you have my permission to go to the ER!! ;)

So, what's YOUR take on the swine flu?


  1. Totally agree!! Emma had "swine flu" and it wasnt bad at all! I was really expecting much worse. She did get the tamiflu.. so I dont know if that helped or not but either way it was about a 5 day bug that was no fun by any means dont get me wrong.. but she wasnt on her death bed or anything like they make it out to be.

    We also will not be getting her a swine flu shot (or ourselves for that matter) but we will prob all get the flu vac.

  2. My niece just had it - sicky, yes, but no complications. I'm pretty sure my boys have had it as well - all the symptoms, just didn't progress far enough to have them tested.
    I'm with you - be proactive, but not frightened! Don't know about the shots yet, but have O's 2yr appt tomorrow, so we'll see.

    PS - gonna go click on your ad now! Get that # rolling in - Mama needs a new pair of shoes!!

  3. AMEN SISTER!! You are preaching to the choir on this one! I'm right there with you! I happen to be a pediatric nurse and feel the same way you do. Yes, we've seen kids hospitalized for H1N1 but ALL those kids had underlying illnesses. I have yet to see an otherwise healthy kid get hospitalized. I will NOT be getting the vaccine. We (me and my fellow RNs) feel H1N1 is going to be just like RSV except more people have now heard of H1N1 than RSV. Kids die from RSV too!

  4. I think it's overblown; last winter my sons elementary school had over 30% absentee rate from the Flu and there wasn't a huge outcry; I didn't understand that at all.

    Now, I was sick for 10 days recently, only a fever and body aches, I didn't go in but people think it was swine flu...who knows.

  5. Recent increases in the amount of swine flu cases suggest a second wave of swine flu is on its way. Could we be in for a winter on swine flu?

    Swine Flu Britain

  6. Total and complete bull crap. Make sure you're getting enough vitamin D and a great quality multi, and basic precautions...and you're all good.

  7. do you know anything about the "FluMist" vaccine thingy? I'd like to avoid traditional shots if I can, but not if it doesn't really work or is unsafe or anything.. just curious if you knew more about it?

  8. I think it's crap too, but I'm kind of having a dilemma. My kids' school is offering the H1N1 vaccine free of charge, and I just don't know if I should consent to it or not. We will, of course, be getting the regular flu shots, but I'm torn with the other one. Any more thoughts?

  9. I think the media is using the swine flu to get people to watch their stupid news programs. I wasn't concerned at all last year but this year just a tad worried because my boys have asthma. Our pediatrician said she is going to get the shot and is recommending patients get it too. I don't know exactly what we are going to do either! Thanks for sharing your take! It is good to hear from someone in the medical industry.

  10. Hey Ya'll,
    I was speaking with my dr. this morning and there actually appears to be a link to people who have gotten the influenza vaccine being at higher risk for H1N1. I think this is just something that is coming to light and it will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few weeks. Personally we don't have access to the flu shot yet or the H1N1 vaccine. Soon though. I was against getting the H1N1 vaccine until speaking with him and am now just going to sit back, wash my hands and pray....until I hear some clearer answers from the medical personal.

  11. I agree. When I had what we THINK was H1N1, I didn't even go to the doctor. Slept for four days, took Tylenol cold and flu, drank fluids, enjoyed the fact that Hubby took care of the house and the kiddos. It was kind of sad to get better. ;)

  12. I love your part about the ER! Today at my boys preschool we had a parent meeting and talked about swine flu and this um. . . (please forgive me. . .) idiot mother started saying, "if you think you have it don't go to your doctor because they can't test for it, go to the ER because that's where they can test for it!" I FREAKED and really wanted to deck her! lol I said "you aren't supposed to go to the ER just because you think you might have it, they aren't testing either unless you get admitted, they are just treating it all as suspected seasonal/swine flu cases." My greatest fear is having pregnancy complications is that I am going to have to go the hospital (and I am not far enough along to pass go, collect $200 and go to L&D so I would be stuck in the ER) and have to sit in the ER for hours with every Tom, Dick and Harry that think they sneezed too much and have the swine flu which A) they are increasing health costs and wait times and B) exposing me to everything and anything that I shouldn't be. Or God forbid one of us in the family has an injury and needs to go. . .AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This keeps me up at night! The idiot then went on to read from something and say "if you have grayish skin, can't breathe or can't hold fluids down. . .you should go" Well DUH!!! You think? I said "yes, if you are having COMPLICATIONS then go, but they still aren't testing in our hospitals unless they admit you so just stay home unless your life is at risk, ok?

  13. Completely agree. I think it's D.C.'s (Obama's) way of creating a diversion to take (some) heat off of his ever declining popularity and his awful healthcare bill that he's trying to shove down our throats. Crap is the perfect word for it.

  14. Ok, I found your blog from MckMomma's forum. I too am an RN. I am not sure if *I* will be getting the H1N1 vaccine, but I know that my children will not. The only exposure they get to illness is me. They don't go to daycare outside of the home, and I ALWAYS shower and scrub before touching either one of my kiddos. However, I will say that the research I have done is that the H1N1 has mercury in it. Which is something I won't be exposing to my nearly 10 month old.


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