Friday, June 19, 2009

Poor little E.W.

Remember this post? My poor little man still hasn't kicked this bug. Temps of 104, horrible sore throat ("it's a 10 mom"--nurse in me...teaching him the pain scale we use at work), headache, vomiting here and there, achy's just a laundry list of yuck for the poor guy.

So, back to the clinic see our "real" doctor (IMO, just the world's best pediatrician!). No new answers...but 7 pokes/prods later, we're home, waiting it out. Looks like something bacterial, but as for the source? It's still a mystery...just praying the antibiotic they gave him (via two shots in his legs) kicks in, and soon!


  1. Poor little guy! I hope he feels better asap! He looks miserable!

  2. Poor little peanut!! Keep us posted when the doctor gets back to you, I hope it's nothing serious, and that he's well on his way to feeling better soon :o)

  3. poor little buddy :( I hope he feels better soon thanks to those shots! Keep us posted on him...

  4. Hope he feels better. How many days has it been now?

  5. I can't remember where in MN you live, but if its near the Twin Cities let me know who yo think the best pdiatrician in the whole world is ... I'm in need of a new clinic



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