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Flu Mist vs. Shot

Okay, so I had a couple questions about the swine flu and flu vaccines, and you know...I aim to please...and crazy enough, my bestest, most respected, very own pediatrician was on call last night, and moi?

I picked her brain.

For all y'all. (Sorry, again...I know I'm from MinneSOOOOta, but sometimes I like to pretend I'm a Southern Lady.)

Okay, so my take on the vaccination debate: (and please, please remember, I am just one lowly old mom, who's a nurse...and this is just my lowly old opinion...not advice--geez, always gotta CMA, even when I'm not at work! That CMA bit was for nurses...anyone else know what it means??!!)

Anywho, back to the issue at hand.

Swine flu vaccine, first...jury's out for me still. As far as my fam? Definite no. The only reason I am considering it, is I work with a high risk population...meaning, A. I don't want to infect anybody, and B. I don't want to bring anything home to my fam. Honestly, though? I'm leaning toward not...but we'll see, when it actually comes right down to it.

Pediatrician says (sounds like Family Feud here, "Survey Says!"), basically the same. She says "I'm not always for the latest and greatest." But she's considering it more for herself, since, you know...she works with grimey, germy kiddos all. stinkin'. day.

Wow. Imagine her immune system!

She also said, it's not even certain that there will be enough of the vax for everyone to get it, but that, definitely, high-risk people should get it. And high-risk is mostly anyone with an underlying medical problem, espeically neurologically impaired patients with a decreased ability to cough.

Whew!!! (*Wipes sweat from forehead*) So, there's my thoughts on the H1N1 vax, in a nutshell!

Seasonal flu vax? Yup, gonna do it.

More specifically, I was asked about the "Flu Mist". Here are the thoughts from Mama Flu-ster:

Last year was our first "encounter" with the Flu Mist. Our Miss E. is a medical freakazoid. And I mean that with a capital, FREAKAZOID!!! She was so worked up about a shot I practically had to peel her off the ceiling. Crazy kid, sheesh, you'd think her mom wasn't a nurse or something.

So, we discussed the Flu-Mist...she was a little weirded out about the whole "up your nose" gig, but, in the end...was all, "I'm gonna do that all the time, mama!! Yeah, I'm gonna do that!! That was soooo easy!"

Piece of, I thought, "heck, I'll save the others the shot strife, too"!! Well, Big A. opted to go for the shot (what the!!!) and regretted it, wished he'd gone for the mist, E.W. took the mist like a man and didn't say boo about it.

Little A. and Tiny Girl were too...well, little and tiny to get the mist...well, that's not entirely accurate...we were advised that "the little kids tolerate the shot better, they get a little weirded out by the squirt up the nose" we listened and "shotted" Little A., but, Tiny Girl really was too little to get it (don't quote me, but I think the "required" age is over 2...or maybe 3?)

This year? Flu Mist all around ('cept T.G., who's still too tiny).

Pediatrician's take on it? She herself doesn't appreciate the squirt up the nose, so she's goin' the shot route, but takes the Mist home for her fam.


She says that there are some studies that show your protection from the Mist is greater...since it is a live virus.

Now, the "live virus" deal creeps some people out.

But, it's a weakened live virus, some people get mild flu-like symptoms from it, others feel nothing at all. My kids? Not a prob, never knew anything happened to ' sore arm to complain of and no crummy side effects.

A co-worker said she had a bit of a runny nose, but that's it.

Me? After a nerve in my arm complained loud and clear last year that it didn't appreciate someone coming so close to it with a needle (and, let me remind you...I'm no wimp!! I've birthed five babe's au naturale, so I know what "real" pain is!!! And dagnabit, that hurt!)...I'm definitely gonna go for the Mist...and, tell you what...

I'm gonna try to get it the next time I'm at work, then, I can give you all an update on what:
A. It feels like
B. What my side effects are

I'll volunteer myself to be your own personal little Flu Mist Guinea pig. How's that? Sheesh, sometimes, my generosity overwhelms even me. So, I'll update you on what's goin' down in Flu Mist-ville...that is, if I remember to get it before my next shift (I'll try my hardest, I promise!)!!

And, since I'm honestly a wee bit tuckered out from all the swine flu for the updates to come via Twitter (but it won't be for sure until Wed!!)!

And, since I had this all tappity tapped out prior to the whole "suspected" H1N1 case in my home, here's an update on Little A...if this is H1N1 (I'm no longer convinced it is) it sure is mild...he's already better!! That's why I'm not conviced...he should be "sicker" than running around and complaining "but, I'm sick!!" when he's asked to put the clean silverware away! Just sayin'.

Signing out,

Your Flu Mist Lab specimen,


  1. Thanks for the info! Very informative....I've only gotten the flu shot once in my life - and that was only because I was pregnant and dumb enough to ask my OB if he wanted me to get it. We got them at work for free - however, the mist sounds way more appealing! I hate shots in my arm for some reason.

    Oh, and I'm an accountant...I CMA all the time! ;)

  2. I'm not a nurse but I am pretty sure I know what CMA means =-)

  3. I stumbled upon your blog from mckmamas. . .thanks for the input. One of my sons CHOSE the shot last year too!! And regretted it :) He'll be getting the mist this year

  4. Thanks for this blog. I just came across it doing a search for the MIST vs the SHOT.


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