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Loser Me...

Ugh...I'm such a loser. A while back (probably like, 12 years ago) Keely gifted me with an Honest Scrap award...and I, the ungrateful little ninny that I am, have forgotten and forgotten and then remembered at the most inopportune times (like when I'm getting my teeth cleaned) that I have yet to thank her! I'm sorry. Please forgive me!!

Thank You, Keely!!!!! I appreciate you thinkin' I'm "honestly scrappy" enough to deserve an award!! (P.S--I love this award...think it's pretty hilarious, what with it's clever play on words!!)

I was awared this by Lucy and Ethel a while back, and like the slacker I am, I only sorta completed my "requirements", so I guess I'll finish my 10 honest things about myself (I originally did 5) they are:

1. I hate black olives...but have discovered a fabulous new use for their disgustingness...they make fabulastic (that's my new word) fruit fly bait! You're welcome.

2. I hate cleaning floors, but I love clean floors...and therein lies my problem.

3. I drive a minivan...and I love it!!! I couldn't see any other mode of transportation for myself...minivans are HOT!!

4. I have a canker sore, and it's making me cranky...I can't eat my body weight in candy anymore 'cuz it makes it hurt. Oh, woe is me.

5. I'm feeling domestic, and the Mr. and I are gonna try to can some tomatoes. Wish us luck, I've never canned anything in my life...ever. Much less more tomatoes than I've ever, ever seen...they're coming out of the wa-zoo!!!

Thanks again, Keely!


  1. You are too funny! You're welcome!
    You're scrapulastic!! oooohhh...

  2. I HATE canker sores!!! They are so annoying. No one can blame you for being cranky due to a canker sore!

  3. It's a fun award. I actually went ahead and made the salsa thanks to your inspiration. It was soooo good.

  4. I love your Blog is soo CUTE :)

    God Bless you and i also hate hate canker sores :(

  5. interesting. you love minivans??? hmmm... don't think i could EVER convince dh to get a

    great post.

  6. I want a minivan but the husband is not convinced... at all! He says I will hate it with in the first month.. what does he know?!

    Who cares if I feel like a soccer mom... they are SOO much easier. AND one day she just may play soccer so then I would fit the role ;)


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