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The TreeHouse Chronicles--Day 42

Wait no longer, breathe a sigh of relief...ahhhhhhhh...this week's "The TreeHouse Chronicles" is here! (I know, you've been waiting, and waiting...haven't you? Ahem.)

This week's progress saw more action on the ground than up in Treeville. Mr. Wonderful, ignoring my advice to "just slap two pieces of wood together" for the rafters, built his own dang rafters. From scratch. No help. No fancy mathematical equations. But something 'bout "Plumb Bob"...who the heck is "Plumb Bob" and why does he get such a fun name?
If I'm to be totally honest with you, I have to say I'm quite impressed...I didn't know my man had it in him to be so crafty and handy. And now that I know...he can rest assured that I've got gobs of jobs he could cupboards, kitchen remodel...that picnic table I've been wanting for three Mother's Days now. Oh, yeah...he's proven himself.

And Big A.? He's a darn good rafter holder hammerer nailer. Darn good. Although, he looks pretty chilaxed in this next pic, dontcha think?

Well, anywho...two rafters up, square, level, plumb (thanks to that darn Bob), flush, and "right on the nuts", I'm sure!

Will we see a roof next week? I sure hope so, not quite sure who's gonna shingle it tho, what with it's nearly 90 degree peak...think we'll draw straws for that one.


In other, yummy news...Miss E. had her second (and final) birthday celebration tonight.

Her meal choice? Tacos.

Our garden? Abundant with tomatoes that I really don't know what to do with.

So, I made salsa.

And, I hafta turned out yummo!! Want the recipe?

Oh, you don't?

Sorry, I'm giving it to you anyway...and just so you know...I am a quick and easy kinda girl (ummmm...that didn't sound quite right)...what I mean is, I love to cook, but it's gotta be quick, and it's gotta be easy...'cuz I hate "putzy"!!

Mama M's Salsa:

5-8 small-large tomatoes (sorry, no exact measurements here! And, please forgive the poor, flashy photo...natural light is hard to comeby in our kitchen. And, just so you started out "pico-ish" and as it, got juicier!)

1/2 large onion

3 small jalapenos

Very small dash of sugar

Couple pinches of kosher salt

A hearty handful of cilantro

Juice of 1/2 a lime

Seed and chop the tomatoes, and the jalapeno...dice the onion. Chop the cilantro (or dice or mince or whatever it is you do to herbs). Mix in a bowl. Add the salt and sugar and lime and a little love, too, if you wish. Serve with chips and enjoy!

It was a big hit...'specially with the Mister.


  1. I am LOVING your blog.. briefly looking through it but will add you to my following list so i can come back again and again :)

    God Bless you..

  2. Uh, Mr Wonderful has some muscles on him!!

    The salsa looks super made me hungry..I had a cupcake and some tootsie rools for dinner..


  4. What a cool treehouse! I hope my hubby can make one when we move back to Michigan. The kids will love it, although some of them are getting a little big.

    I'm going to try out that salsa recipe. One problem, though...I have a lemon instead of a lime. It'll still be good, right?

  5. salsa was fantastic!! made it myself today- thanks for sharing! and....savannah land is in pleasant hill, mo. should you ever find yourself that way- it's totally worth checking out!!

  6. That salsa looks...DELISH!! I hear ya betty crocker! LOL Will have to give it a try sometime. :)

  7. Yumm! the salsa looks delicious! the tree house is moving along :o) haha I noticed like MannMom3, your hubby's arm muscles too. ...great helper Big A...and yes, he looks like he is supervising up there :o)

    (I really tried to not comment on each post...and so try to compile them after at least 5... oh well, I made to 3:
    congrats on the ads! and hope you get more than a package of hotdogs. And too cute on Miss E's observation and her comment of the "long-cut"!

    Blessings & Aloha!


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