Sunday, September 27, 2009

The TreeHouse Chronicles--Day 49

Last week I left you with this:

And this week I leave you with this:

Unfortunately, progress has been slow on The TreeHouse this week...okay, not slow...non-existent. Well, unless you count moving the remaining rafters from the garage down to The TreeHouse.

If that's progress, then, by gum, we've had some!

So, while I was hoping to see a TreeHouse with a roof, I'll just settle for gazing upon Mr. Wonderful flexing for the off.

My guess, is that by the next installment of The TreeHouse Chronicles, we'll be seeing a bit more roof action!


Fun stuff!! I'm gonna be sportin' some "Hot Mom Hair" by lunchtime tomorrow!! (Well, I'm not sure where YOU are, so, it might be breakfast or tea time for you, I can't be sure...)

I'm so excited to get rid of this drab, awful length (you know, when it gets to that point where you can't do anything to make it look good?) mop on my head.

Yesterday, whilst on a quest for A. Hot Mom Hair (Failed) and/or B. Hot Mom Jeans (Failed) I was being escorted to a dressing room by a perfectly coiffed, ringlet-ed she doll. I complained, " first mission was to get some cute hair, and that didn't work out!"

She, with a slightly fearful look on her face, eyeing up my disgusting mess of over grown, tired, bedhead, "Um...did...well, um...did you just come from there?"

HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!! Oh, sweet child..."No, I couldn't get in."


Wise words from Mama M.:

If one decides to wage a d-CON war against the critters in the walls, be prepared for mysterious smells emanating from some non-definable source.

Until tomorrow, my friends...


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  1. I expect to see a picture of you and your "Hot Mom Hair!!" Have fun!


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