Tuesday, June 16, 2009

E.W. and the E.R.

So, our sweet E.W. woke up with a bug this morning...fever, headache, sore throat. Put a little ibuprofen into him and he was golden.

That is until after lunch (which, mind you, we were on our way to a meat market an hour away to pick up one and a quarter beef...uh, yeah...that's a lot of cow.), so, anywho...we're on this lovely road trip (think 5 kids, my mom and I in our van...yeah, lovely, ahem), when Mr. E.W. proceeds to throw up (in a bucket...thank goodness!! Have I mentioned, yet, that this was a lovely road trip?).

Little man seems to feel a bit better...we get previously mentioned beef, divvy it up for Mr. Wonderful's office and continue home, where E.W. now proceeds to go down-hill...stopping only for a Mr. Freeze on the way down. So, freeze down, and right back up again.

Nurse in me ticking of symptoms (headache...check! fever...check! sore throat...check! vomiting...check!)...gotta be strep. One phone call and one appointment later and we're sitting ourselves in the clinic. Convenience Care, they call it (ha, HA! And not our regular clinic). Nurse Practitioner comes in, assesses E.W. (strep negative), focus changes to appendix (her focus, not mine). To the hospital for labs (including a registration that took forEVER--again not our regular hospital)...back to the clinic to sit. White blood cells high...back to the ER for CT scan? surgery?

Nurse in me (usually worried, nervous, second guessing myself) scoffing at this "new" focus...NO symptoms of appendicitis (other than the fact that when she was mashing on his belly, he slightly said it hurt).

In less time than we spent at the clinic, we are in and out of the ER, with the MD agreeing, this is not appendicitis. "Encourage fluids, take it slow."

Me...tallying up the bill in my head...

All this for a strep test!? Humpf!


  1. I'm sorry. I hope he feels better soon. It's so nerve wracking when they're sick.

  2. On no!! What an ordeal... I hope he feels better soon.


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