Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cute Hair!

No...not me. Never me, really. Seems I am "cute hair" impaired.

But tonight, while at the mall, my mama and I crossed paths with a young couple and their cartful (literally) of kids.

If they weren't twins, they should've been...actually triplets, although the one not in the basket appeared at least 9 months younger than the other two. At least, well, maybe more like, just barely.

And the mama? Hair to die for. To. Die. For.

Says I to my mama, "Wow! She had cute hair!! (insert pregnant pause here) And a cartful of very closely spaced children!!"

Says my mama to me, (insert another pregnant pause here)..."Yeah, I'm surprised she had cute hair!"

Surely, she must have come straight from the salon, no?

Kids that close and hair so impossibly cute it was just...impossible. But only it wasn't, 'cuz I saw it with my own two eyes, which means it had to be possible, right?

*Sigh*...some girls just have all the luck.


  1. I hate that. Especially when they have more children than me! *sigh*

    But like you said--maybe she just had a blowout or something! Right??

    ps--thanks for the advice earlier! I wish you were MY L&D nurse :)

  2. I'm blessed/ cursed to be the sister of the girl with the cute hair. Makes those family sleep overs so much fun.

  3. yea I dont know how some women do it. I only have one little one and most days.. its a ponytail do for me!

  4. haha... maybe she has a nanny or two and a personal-at -home haridresser, and a... (let's put them all in here...housekeeper, cook, etc...)

    You are Too funny!

    Blessings & Aloha!


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