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Fall is in the Air

It's official...

Fall is here!!!

The air is crisp and cool, the leaves are starting to fall (and I hope they take it slow this year, maybe we'll be able to keep up that way!), the sun is shining and the trees are changing colors!

It is one heckuva beautiful day in Minnesota!

What's it like where YOU are?


  1. It's still hot here in FL..almost 90° which means still pool time for us. I am ready for cooler temps, though...and less humidity.

    I wouldn't mind a trip to the orchard for some apple cider and donuts. That's what I miss about Michigan. Not the winter/snow/freezing cold...but I do miss the fall weather.

  2. I am an American living in Lymm, England (just southwest of Manchester). BTW, it's no where near London. Most people assume I live in or near London, but it's a 4 hour drive to get there.

    Today has been a beautiful fall, though the British call it Autumn, day here. You won't see much color change in the trees here, but you do get milder winters which is a trade-off I am willing to take.

  3. It's 90 degrees here in Alabama today. Not complaining though...this is the first day in about two weeks it hasn't rained! :)

  4. Where I am at in California it is currently 94. Suppose to hit 100 today!

    Looking forward to Tuesday, upper 70's. Yay!

  5. Each year, our goal is not to start using the heat in our house until the end of November. Most years, we have it on by early November as the snow begins to fall.

    This year, though, it's been unusually cold for late September. We've had highs in the upper 50's, and lows in the 40's. Nights hover around 40 or so. We wake up to frost, gray skies, and hints of autumn colors slowly coming to life for one last hurrah. I expect the "last hurrah" to be in full swing in about two weeks. Prime time for family photos, so I've been pretty busy with that.

    The menu is changing... soups, stews, crock pot creations.

  6. It has been an awesome day here in NC as well!! mid to upper 70s.. full sunshine and a breeze! Loving it! Not much change in the leaves or anything yet but I cant wait for the fall festivities to start! YAY! :)

    for some reason it wouldnt let me log in to google... who knows

  7. I had to check when you posted cuz it is so cold near the Cities... well not cold cold...but brrrrr cold! I don't mind I am summer clothes were looking pretty worn!

  8. Hot. Today, it was 90*, felt like 95*. *sigh*.

    Oh how I wish it were 'fall' here.

    Its looked like fall for months though. You know, because it never rains here.

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  11. Hmmm..I'm a little jealous..I spent all day in 90 degree's. I love Fall..I love Minnesota too!:-)

  12. I'm a little late, but it is 105degrees here today. Could anyone to the North of Phoenix get some dang snow so we can cool off?!


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