Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Piggy 500

All the talk about swine, reminded me of something...

Ever wonder what we, permafrosted, people up here in MinneSOOOOta do for fun? I mean, you know, when we aren't cooking hot dishes and saying things like "dontchaknow" and "ya, sure, youbetcha"?

You're gonna be so envious when I tell you about our fun, that MinneSOOOOta just might see an influx of new residents.


Okay, (sheesh, I sound like a cheerleader, "Ready? Okay!!"...) so, we head up to this teeny, tiny town called Leader (seriously, teeny itsy bitsy)...a town so small you could easily drive right past, none the wiser, never knowing you're missing out on gobs of fun.


And, well, I'm being slightly sarcastic...'cuz, it turns out, for all of my eye rolling, scoffing, and joke making, I really did enjoy myself!

It's the Leader Pig Races!!

Please, PETA, please...calm down. I promise, the pigs are treated very well. We cheer really loudly for them and they get donuts when they finish and sometimes they even get a little of the MC's Gatorade. The MC who channels Garth Brooks, what with his dancing around and singing along to the country music. (That's the MC in the bottom right, in case you were dying to know.)

Sometimes, I even get out my lighter and throw out a "I LOVE YOU MC"!!! Ahem...not really.

Turns out, it's more about the "intermissions" of the pig races that are the most fun. Kids scrambling for cash (see above photo), hoola hoop contests, lot's of bead throwing (and, no...that's not how you get them...I totally know what you are thinking!), grown men racing on bouncy horses. It's a blast. A humiliating, jokefest of a blast!

Here's Mr. Wonderful beginning a bouncy horse race...and he won!! (And isn't he a doll with that backwards hat? Needed to be backwards...aerodynamics, dontchaknow. But, nonetheless, it sets my heart all a flutter. *Sigh*...mmmmm, I love that guy!)

Oh, and a sack race for the kiddos!! All replete with prizes! And when I say replete, I could mean complete...I can't be sure.

It's hog heaven, I tell ya...hog heaven!!


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun. My husband's bro lives in Minneapolis. I love it up there.

  2. Fun! There is a farm by our house that has pig races. The kids LOVE it!!

    ps: I think McMama used the word "replete" in her post today too. Did you girls get together and plan it? hee hee!

  3. Believe it or not, I've heard of Leader! Of course, I am from Minnesooota dontcha know...

  4. That looks like a lot of fun for the kids. Er, and for the big kids, too!!

  5. That's too awesome! I used to raise pigs (grew up in Oklahoma) and am a lil piggie lover!!! :) The pics are so cute!


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