Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Mr. Wonderful often comes home with uber exciting stories (aside by me...I really wish I could put those two cute little dots above the u in uber, you know?)...exciting stories, that he, inadvertently leaves me hanging with!

You know, he is a huge Rocky fan, and Sylvester Stallone (who, by the way, I'm kinda sorta, maybe a little bit, distantly related to by marriage...really!!) stars in Cliffhanger, so maybe the Mister is trying to channel a bit of old Sly...*snort*...or not.

First, it was this story,

His brother and sister-in-law took their 6 children and teenage niece to our state fair. Teenage niece got separated with the three youngest children, one of whom is, um, well...let's just call him, intense. BIL went one way, SIL went another and things went down hill from there.

Intense was not quite acting, well, as intensely as he usually does, the baby was freaking out, and teenage niece was desperate for some parental help. Finally found my SIL who, (and now I will use quotes from Mr. Wonderful), "realized Intense was almost having a seizure" (um...huh?)..."so they took him to the First Aid booth where they said he needed to go to the hospital. But they had to go without BIL, 'cuz they couldn't find him and they only, finally, got ahold of him after they had been at the hospital for awhile!"

Me, "Ohmygosh!!! Is he okay? What was wrong with him? Did he have a seizure? Did he have to stay in the hospital?"

The Mister, "Um, I dunno."

Me, "WHAT!!! Well, didn't you ask questions? What the heck!!!"

He, "Um, I dunno?"

Sheesh...never did find out the ending to that one.

Next story,

Different brother and SIL of The Mister's had a preemie this summer. 31 weeker, did great, home by about 5 weeks. Gettin' a bit of a funky head, tho'.

My MIL nominated herself to break the news to the blissful new parents, and, here is the story I was told,

"So, mom starts out by telling a story, to break the ice a bit, about so and so's baby and it's crooked head." SIL listens intently, asking questions about so and so's baby, when BIL interjects, "WAIT!!! Stop...go back! What the matter with Preemie?"

You see, he's onto his mom by this point and sees right through her icebreaker story.

The Mister, "So, SIL has an appointment and she calls to get Preemie seen at the same time, to make sure there's no pressure on his brain, or anything."

...(silence, crickets chirping...)...Me, "Um, so what'd the doctor say?"

The Mister, "Um, I dunno."

Me, "WHAT!!!!???? Well, didn't you ask? Does he hafta see a plastic surgeon?"

The Mister, "Um, they have to see a plastic surgeon?"

Me, "I dunno!!! You're the one telling the story!"

You see?

He always leaves me hangin'! Pushes me up the cliff, huffin' and puffin', carabiners, rock pickers (or whatever rockclimbers use) then just leaves me dangle!

From now on, when he starts, I think I'm gonna ask,

"Does this story have an ending?"


  1. Great post, I would react the same way!

  2. LOL I'm so sorry...its bad to laugh...I think I would be sending out a family letter stating..."if you have some news to tell, please tell me, because otherwise, I will not know what is happening in our family..."

  3. ooooo, that's first story sounded like something that would happen to me and my family! I can certainly understand your frustration ;-)

  4. LOL..my hubs does the same thing to me! It really gets to me when he tells me that so-and-so had a baby, and I start asking about it - boy or girl, name, etc. The standard responses: "I dunno" or "I forget". Gee, thanks!

  5. so frustrating...not you have left us all hanging...

  6. Good call on gettin the deets before you get too engrossed in the story! I am going crazy not knowing the endings of those stories!

  7. Oh my! I agree with Shelly! Mama M! The background of the stories themselves were cliff hanger stories, but my oh my! you crack me up in how you re-tell the delima of the unknown endings!!!


    Blessings & Aloha!


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