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A few weeks ago I was hell bent on getting this flubby old bod of mine into shape.

I started eating better and I even *gasp* started running. (Secret: I actually enjoyed it!)

Well, I've fallen off the bandwagon. BOO!! Unless you count those cartwheels I was turning out in right field during our softball game.

Yes, I am serious.

After back to back vacations (and, yes, I realize the whole "back to back vacation" thing doesn't garner a whole lot of sympathy...but have you seen my schedule?! THAT'S where I need the sympathy!) and life getting crazy, I'm pretty sure I'm back at square 1. Actually, prolly worse than that...more like Square -52.

I've decided to just play it easy until this maddness ends, then jump back on the bandwagon when I have only *sniffle* one *tear* baby *sob* left with me at home. Sensible eating, exercise when I can, but no gangbusters until school starts.

Looks like this will have to wait, again:

Someday...someday I'll have Gisele's bod. Minus the mile long longs, teeny hips, and lack of baby bump remnants. (Seriously...I've seen post-baby photos of her. Where's her left over fluff from making that adorable baby with Tom Brady?! Not fair.)


  1. At least you can do a cartwheel!! I sure can't, never could.

  2. That girl needs to eat a sandwich or three.

    You just be you. And rock it.

  3. How funny!! I can still do cartwheels..but that's about it!!
    I have looked at pics of Gisele and Adriana Lima after having their is this possible? Seriously?

  4. If you can DO a cartwheel, youre 40 steps ahead of the game!

    Gisele needs a twinkie stat.


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