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ValleyFair--a 3 Decade Tradition!

Yup, that's right. 30 years. Unsure of the exact year we started going, but it's for sure been 30, probably more, years of fun in the sun at ValleyFair!

Every year, the morning after our ValleyFair day, my kids start asking, "how many more days until we get to go to ValleyFair?!"...they enjoy it so much! We do too, other than this year, we saw a decline in the service, facility and attractions that we haven't seen before. Makes me sad.

Anyway...before I go ANY further, let me show you the "Greatest Photo...EVER"!!

Are you ready?

For sure?


Isn't that awesome?!! Makes me smile from the inside out to see that!

Here's the background...Belle, who has been tall enough to ride the "Wild Thing" for a couple of years, was always too timid to do it. (In her defense, it IS quite the ride...INCREDIBLY high first drop) At our picnic supper outside the park, our family started encouraging her that she could do it...after all, her turn for "Disney World with Grandma and Grandpa" is coming up next year, and she's just GOTTA ride the rides there!

Pretty soon, my nephew, "Aloysius", tossed her two bucks. Before we knew it, she was looking at a pile of green backs worth 15 big ones! It was too much to turn away, so she agreed to ride! Her explanation of her "smile" in the photo?

"I tried to smile, but I was too scared!"

E.W. on the other hand? Loved it! He had agreed to ride without any "bribe", however, after the ride, everyone pitched in again and he also got $15 for being so brave!

A look at our day...

'Til next year, ValleyFair!


  1. Pure Greatness right there! We have one that from college and it is my hubs, myself, and his best friend. I am smiling, the best friend is smiling, and John has this HORRIFIED look on his face. He hates roller coasters, and we made him go.

  2. Such a great photo! We have a similar one of the monkeys on the log flume a few years ago. One of my favorite shots of them of all time! I think it's the complete unguardedness! So glad you enjoyed yourself!

  3. Awh, this post makes me miss living in MN. I loved going to Valley Fair as a kid!!

  4. this looks like a great day. I love all the pictures

  5. We LOVE amusement parks!! Looks like y'all had a blast! :)

  6. Awesome shot! And it would have taken a lot more than $15 to get me on a ride like that. ;) I don't do coasters. Or things that go 'round and 'round. Or things that go high. Or...well, I love to walk around and eat caramel apples while I watch everyone else ride all those things! Does that count?

  7. LMAO - LOVE that first picture - it shows the action, the expressions - it's perfect!!!

  8. That's so funny. We go to theme parks all the time and my kids know where the cameras are on the roller coasters so they do poses like talking on the cell phone or choking each other....the workers cut that last one out and didn't show it on the screens.


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