Wednesday, August 31, 2011 the Mayo Clinic.

This place? This place that is world renowned and, practically, in my backyard? It's incredible.

A maze of buildings and hotels...all of which seem to be connected in someway. Underground. Via walk ways. Shared elevators. Incredible.

The doctors? So far, the ones we met were fabulous...kinda. One of them basically beat up my poor grandma. No, really. I am serious.

Okay, so yeah...she was doing tests on her but STILL! That's my GRAM!! Hands off, Dr. B-word.

Then, while we waited until the new moon for our clinical assistant to come get us, we got bored. And goofy. And, got a case of the giggles. And bounced on chairs and flicked switches and did all sorts of other incredibly mature stuff while waiting (did I mention it was for, like, half our lives?!) to be collected by this mythical "clinical assistant".

She was very much like a unicorn. NON-EXISTENT.

But, eventually, came she did. And then we were on our way.

My mama and I were treated to a mahvelous supper at Michael's by my grandma. Then, we tucked her in, kissed her good night and PAR-TAYED!! Well, really, I just had one Mike's and she had a couple of shots of Crown Royal on the rocks (see, told you she'd kick your butt in a drinking contest.) then we walked "home" (i.e the "Kahler Inn and Suites")...but not before catching a glimpse of this:

And laughing hysterically at the irony of a dude (ette?) with the name of "Suk" starting a Law Firm. "So, Joe...who's going to represent you in that double murder case?" "Oh, you know...SUK."

Dude woulda been better off opening a lollipop store. Or changing his name...perhaps to something like "Winsalot" or "Wekicktheirass".

But Suk? Poor guy.

Today brings more tests for my grandma...I'm pretty sure I've told you, but she suffers from Myasthenia Gravis. (Click the link for a description of it.) Tomorrow she has an EMG, to which she says she'd rather be waterboarded.

Sounds like a pretty miserable test. :( I don't like it when my gram has to go through nasty stuff, but the doctor believes that there may be more than just MG going on.

Anyway...time to run. I've got doctors to listen to, wheelchairs to run with through the halls, AND, the possibility of picking up a new (to us) jogging stroller on the way home! Oh, and maybe going shopping.


  1. Hope your Grandmother is doing OK. Sounds like ya'll made the best of a bad situation. I remember getting the giggles with my sister years ago, We were pregnant at the same time and started giggling waiting on the doctor for our checkup.

  2. I hope your Gram is doing well today. My Grandpa has MG as well and it's always a battle. Sending prayers and good thoughts!

  3. Prayers for your grandma and so wonderful that she has you guys there with her! I'm a great fan of medical professionals and am constantly amazed at the work they do!

  4. Sending prayers and positive thoughts for your grandmother.

    Ok, you had me laughing with the lawyer name! I work with some lawyers and it might apply to a few of them. Lol.

  5. You are too funny - bet your Grandma loves getting to spend time with you and your Mom as she waits. "SUK". Now that's really "too funny"!!

  6. Man, I feel for your grandma. I had an EMG like 7 years ago and it was horrible. I always say that it is one of the worst medical tests I have had to do (and I have done A LOT). Hope everything goes well!

  7. I know MG is tough to deal with I was diagnosed when I was 15. I have more than a few EMGs in my day and I didnt think they all that horrible there are procedures that are much worse! I hope all goes well with your Gram.


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