Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Gramps!

81 years ago, the greatest man in the whole wide world was born:

My grandpa is one heckuva guy. Funny. Impatient. Selfless. Impatient. Ready to go. Ready to leave. Good at golf. Resilient. Oh, and did I mention "impatient"? ;)

Full of classic one liners, too. My favorite of late?

"Let's DO something...even if it's WRONG!" (This said while we all turned in circles at ValleyFair, trying to decide where to go first...)

One week...exactly ONE WEEK after having a heart attack, he was "all time pitcher" in our annual "Us vs. Them" softball game.

"Us" won. See:

Oh, and a side note. My grandpa played for the Yankee's farm team back in the '40's. At least that's what he told that cop last month (and snuck out of a ticket!). Ahem.

Love ya, gramps!

Happy Birthday!

(PS...y'all will want to stay tuned for a little video treat I have for you later. Hilarious. Longish, but worth sticking it out to the end!)


  1. Happy Birthday to your Gramps! Sounds a lot like my grandpa (at least the impatient part). :) Grandpas are the best!

  2. God bless Gramps!!
    He sounds amazing, and perhaps a little impatient. LOL

  3. Happy Birthday!! I never knew either of my grandfathers - such a blessing for you to be able to know him so well!



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