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Gotta love 'em. Otherwise, you'd kill 'em.

Or something.

They are, seriously, the most frustratingly hilarious creatures on this planet. Trying to pave their way in the world. Carve out a niche for themselves. Figure out just who they are.

In all of that, they will certainly drive their parents to the edge of sanity...and then back to normal again. And then right back out to the edge. And just as suddenly, right back into normalcy. It's a vicious cycle.

But, those moments of normalcy? That's when the fun happens. When you see the glimpse of the adult they are becoming. And that's the good stuff. It's the stuff that makes all the crazies worth it.

Last night was "Pal and Mom" day. The two of us went shopping, mano a mano, had supper and caught a movie...just like we've done every year for the last *sob* 11 years. (PS..."Captain America"? Fabulous!) I love hearing his quips, his thoughts on the world...on his life.

We laughed...a lot. But it was when he said, "Gosh. I've already lived through, like, 20 world endings..and I'm only 15!" that I laughed the hardest. Don't know what it was, but it sure struck me funny!

Today will complete our "Kid and Mom" days, when I have "Belle and Mom" day. Our day tends to be a bit longer, since she is definitely her mama's girl and LOVES to shop!

I really enjoy these one on one days with my kids. Gets spendy, yeah, but it's so nice having uninterrupted time with them...time to talk and find out the important stuff in their lives.

Try it sometime...I think you'll enjoy it!


  1. I LOVE that you do this with your kids! My dad used to take me out to lunch JUST ME every summer just before I'd head back to college. He'd take my brother another time, just the two of them. And when I'd come home for Thanksgiving, he'd take me to lunch and we'd go buy all my mom's birthday (her birthday is Christmas Eve) and Christmas gifts. Just me and my dad. It was fabulous. After college, we still kept up the gift buying excursions, but every now and then he'd take me out to lunch just to catch up. When he died last year, the week before Thanksgiving, I so missed our annual shopping trip. Cherish those moments with your kids....building memories is the greatest gift you can give them!

  2. Every now and then I'll take my oldest to the movies, just me and him. I let him pick the movie, the snacks, everything. It is so much fun. I love doing and hope to make it a tradition, just like you have!

  3. I saw your last mom kid day out. so my husband i tried it too. I took our son out and he took our daughter out. Next week we will switch!! : ) Thanks for the great idea!!

  4. How wonderful that you have individual time with your children! It's such an important time in their life. They feel the "crazy" too, but they don't understand it's part of the growing pains.. God Bless the Parents!

  5. I think this is a great idea. Perhaps I'll get on that when C. is in kindergarten next year....then I'll have a quiet house


  6. I would love to have separate days with my kiddies but the hubs works afternoon shift so I'm with both boys all the time. I guess I can do alternating Saturdays. I think it's AWESOME that you have that kind of relationship with your kids. They will remember that FOREVER!

  7. I try to do this with Lulu and Bubba, but I don't know if they appreciate quite yet because they are so young. How often do you have these days - like once a month or less often than that? I'm sure it can get a little difficult with 5 chitlins - since it would take a week - but I bet it is fun!



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