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"Who does he look like?"

There is something about moms...that stumps me. Makes me scratch my head a little a bit.

It's how some moms get defensive when someone tells them that their baby/child looks like their spouse. Why the chip on the shoulder? I just don't get it, after all, don't they think their husband is good looking?

I grin when people tell me that one of my kids looks like my husband...I think he's pretty dang hot, so it makes me think our kids will fare well in life with his good looks!

Oh, whoops. Er...I meant this:

Case in point...our child whom I think most resembles the Mr.:

Hambone. Spittin' image.

Dubya a close second.

It's hard for me to tell with Belle and Baby Girl, because their coloring is SO different from the Mr.'s, but I wouldn't mind one bit if they end up resembling my husband...I mean, have you seen his sisters?


So...what do you think it is that makes some mama's get their hackles up when they hear their kids look like their husband? 'Cuz me? I like it!


  1. I think it is because a mama does all the hard work to get the kid out into the world! She feels she "deserves" for the kid to look like her! ha! (smile)

  2. Who knows! I've never understood that. My daughter looks just like my hubs. When she was little they would call her, John with a bow. My son, he is defintely all me. And I'm ok with that too!

  3. Not sure what's up with that. Everyone says my son looks like the hubs. I don't take offense, but I secretly (or more like blatantly) think he looks more like me. Seriously, when I see a picture of my son, I have to look twice to see if it's me or him in the photo LOL! OMG! Does this mean my hubs and I have been married so long we're starting to look alike? My daughter looked like my mom when she was little but now just looks like herself. People say she looks like me, but I don't see it at all. Have a great day...

  4. I wouldn't mind...but they are wrong...they look like ME! LOL! ;) We have three kiddos, and two out of three have auburn hair, which is what my husband has. So most of the time, especially my first born son with auburn hair, people say, "Oh, he looks like his daddy!" And I think, "No, he doesn't! Look at his face! It's me!" So yeah, I'm one of those! :)

  5. People get upset about this? I've never experienced that reaction, I guess. Cute kiddos! Not surprising with the gene pool :) Whether they look like you or your husband (or a mix), they'll be just fine.

  6. I guess it's nice to feel assurred there's a little bit of you in there, since you did all the hard work. But I love that my little man looks like his daddy...and my daughter looks like his way HOT sister. #3...finally got my mini-me.

  7. LMAO, hey can we get more pics of the Mr? haha just kidding

  8. I don't get offended when someone says that baby D looks like her dad, I just get very confused. D and I look exactly the same. When I was D's age...that is what I looked like. I think people see the full cheeks and just assume she looks like my hubby.

    So I'm with Chrissy up top. Just because one feature looks like daddy doesn't mean the kid looks JUST like daddy. D looks just like me with her dad's round cheeks...and anyone who wants to debate it will get a punch :)

  9. Ok, you had me laughing about the first two pictures - hehe.

    I'm never good with who a child looks like the most. But I can tell you this... you have beautiful children!

  10. I think that women have a hard time coping with the fact that they carried each child for 10 months and it ended up resembling their spouse more than if the poor child had a choice of who to look like!


  11. I think it has more to do with who's saying it and how they say it. My daughter does look a lot like my husband, but his family says it like I had absolutely nothing to do with the process and that she's a direct descendant of only them. THAT bugs me. But if my friends say that she looks a lot like Mark, it doesn't bother me much.

  12. Yeah it is kind of weird that we get all defensive about it. All three of my kids, especially the youngest (well until baby is born) look just like my husband. No one was questioning who the father was! haha. Now that they are getting a little older, my middle child is starting to resemble my side of the family, which tickles my parents to no end.
    hey if my kiddies continue taking after my hubby, I am probably in for some good-looking grandkids too. no complaining here!

  13. My parents divorced when I was under 2 years old. People who knew my dad said I looked like him. People who knew my mom said I looked like her. People who knew them both said I looked like neither of them - go figure LOL

  14. I had to laugh when I read your post. When our boys were born, it was like I had nothing to do with any of their DNA... They looked JUST like Honey when he was a baby. Now that Oldest has graduated from high school, Honey's mom got out his graduation picture and put it beside Oldest... There is no denying it. They must have been twins. Our daughter resembles my side of the family, but she has thinner genes/jeans!

  15. GW looks sooooo much like his daddy. I of course am biased when it comes to my husbands looks, and think my kid is pretty lucky. If you look at any picture with them together...there is no question who is father is and it warms my heart to hear people say he looks just like his daddy


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