Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not quite what I was looking for...

Last evening, before supper at a local pizza joint, our children were enjoying the establishment's arcade games. Arcade games that may or may not include a "play 'til you win" candy crane game ("Ooooh, a crane!" Name that movie...).

Upon bringing me her loot, I was "yaying" Baby Girl's treasures when she held up a piece of candy.

She: "Can I have dis?"

Me: "What do you say?"

She: *looking curious* "Open it?"

Er...yeah. Not quite the answer I was looking for.

To Do List:
1. Vaccum gobs of pine needles from carpet.
2. Fold socks.
3. Teach Baby Girl better manners.


  1. LOL at the 'play 'til you win' cranes. They have one at our local Friendly's and if we actually let the kids play, they'd never get around to dinner. They seem to lack the "win" skill on those machines. :-)

  2. At least she didn't say "NOW!"

  3. Toy Story! I think, lol!

    Good luck on your to-do list! :)

  4. After 4 kids I think manners kind of slide down on the list...they come after teaching the kids to sleep and making sure they eat anything other than snack foods! LOL!

    Is the movie Toy Story? I'm imagining those aliens staring up and the claw....hmmm....

  5. :) So cute. I have the opposite problem. My wee one likes to put me in my place and remind me of MY manners =/

    Just finished reading all your Talkin' Shop(pe) posts. I'm ready for more!

  6. Everyone is all like: Toy Story?? They are so unsure!
    Haha. I LOVE Toy Story and know without a doubt that it is from that movie!!! :p

  7. My kids love that silly crane game :) We actually got them something similar for Christmas last year...a candy machine with a battery operated crane. There wasn't enough power in the toy to actually pull the candy up and drop it in the bin...not as much fun as the arcade!

  8. but she's so darn cute, she doesn't need manners ;) haha


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