Tuesday, December 21, 2010

14 Hours.

Is what I slept last night.

Well, more like 13, 'cuz when my adorable husband tried to quietly come to bed, he stepped on a plastic bag on our floor (*gasp*!! Yes, our bedroom floor is currently a minefield of plastic bags, tissue paper, wrapping paper, bows, and dirty socks. Forgive me.)...so, yeah...he stepped on this bag and woke me up.

After I was awake, I discovered that I was in need of some ibuprofen and, heck, while I was at in, why not add in a Benadryl to help me get back to sleep...I was kinda afraid that with 5 hours of sleep already under my belt, my body might revolt at the thought of more sleep.

That Benadryl kept me going right up until 9 o'clock...leaving me feeling guilty for not getting up to tell my kids good-bye for the day, but, also leaving me feeling incredibly refreshed and rested!!

And, slightly stressed.

I've got so much to do!!! Wrapping and baking and grocery shopping and more wrapping and making sure all the kids have the same number of gifts under the tree lest I want World War 3 to start!!!

Ack! I need help.

Benadryl last night...No-Doz tonight.

(PS...I just don't have it in me to do the last installment of the Gift Guide. I'm sorry!! Please to flog me and burn me at the stake...I just can't do it. Forgive me?)

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