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LG Text Ed Teen Interview!

This is sponsored content from BlogHer and LG Text Ed

Hey everyone! As part of my "ambassadorship" (is that a word? Huh...well, it is now!) ;) with LG and BlogHer's Text Education program, I am inviting you all in a little "interactive" adventure! (Doesn't that sound fun?!!)

I am asking for just a teeny, tiny, little bit of help from you all...I hope you'll come through!

Text Education can be just as difficult to talk to our children about as the "birds and the bees" talk...that's why LG and BlogHer (and I!!) am asking for your help!

In order to better understand where our teens are at as far as "Text Safety" goes, I am going to collect "interview" questions that you think we, as parents, should be asking our teenagedtexters!

After I get some suggestions on what you all think are the most important topics, I will then sit down with The Pal (my very own "teenaged texter"), and ask him your questions! Next week, I will post my interview with him, so you can all see how it went (and what I learned!). I'm curious, myself, to find out more on what he knows about this subject!

So, I hope you'll consider tossing out an interview question...I'm hoping that this will be beneficial for all of us! For me, to find out more about what my son knows about Text Safety, and for you, to help you communicate with your own child when the time comes!

For added incentive, because this topic is so important for our kids and their futures, BlogHerreally wants to get the conversation about texting, sexting and safety going...both with our kids and among parents. It will match LG’s donation of .50 to for every comment on this post, so please give me your suggestions on questions for my son! will get a $1.00 for each and every one of your comments!

Thanks guys! I know you'll come through!


  1. I wish I had a question to ask but my kids aren't of texting age yet (isn't it crazy that is a thing we have to worry about now?! Cell phones hadn't even been invented yet when I was a teenager!). Does it count if I just leave a comment?? I hope so because I think this is an important topic for kids to be educated about. I don't think kids really realize how very permanent a text or a sext can be and that you can't always trust the person you sent them to not to share them with others.

  2. Here's my question!

    I work with 75 teenaged girls on a weekly basis. It seems they keep the school drama and rumor mill going all night long via texting. Are boys doing this too or do the just let it go?! School bullying shouldn't follow a kid home.

  3. I work in a MS and girls seem to be texting pictures of themselves to boys...liek in bras or even a bare breast. Ask your son if he knows he can be in major trouble if one is ever sent to him and found out about it at school?! They will take the phone and ISS/OSS may occur depend on how graphic the picture is! I just want teens to respect themselves and feel they have to do that in order to feel "cool" or "liked" by the oppostie sex.

  4. I guess I'd just want to be certain that they know - REALLY know, not just SAY they know - that anything they send through a text can be passed along to anyone and everyone in just a few seconds. And not only that it CAN, but if it's a "hot" enough item (like a graphic picture or some confidential gossip) that it probably WILL be passed along.

    Ask him whether he's ever sent a text or a picture that he ended up really regretting because it got passed along to unintended recipients - or if not, if he knows someone to whom that has happened.

  5. My kids are not old enough to have a phone yet, thank god.

    I know you will do great with this.

    Ask, has there ever been an instance where he wanted to play a joke on someone by sending what could be a hurtful text. Also, has he ever gotten any texts that have made him feel uncomfortable and wanted to bring it to your attention. Another, is there any case where he would go to your husband (dad) before coming to you with a text he has recieved.


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