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LG Interview...Answers!

In a sea of mommy bloggers, I find that I come across very few mommies with teenagers (likely, they're out there...I just haven't found them!). This makes it difficult to find advice of the "teen-aged" variety!

I'm forging a path...blazing my own trail, stumbling upon my own two feet as I navigate the waters of teenage-dom. Throw in the newness of texting, and I'm lost.



LG and BlogHer sponsored these "interactive" interviews, in which blog readers proposed questions for us to ask our teens.

Come on over to my review blog to read the interview I had with The Pal!


  1. I can't even imagine teenagers. Scary. Frightening.

    Hubby and I were watching the classic "All the Right Moves" with Tom Cruise last night...and it saddened me that my kids will never have a teenage experience that simple! Life was so grand before texting and computer craziness!!

  2. With each stage our children enter, brings a new level of challenges...I love your writing!

  3. Mama: The reason you don't know many mom's of teens is they are living in their minivans driving their teens all over the place, cutting into their precious blogging time. We are out there. I have 2 right now, lived through one so far(he's 26) and they are a blast!

  4. I just started a new blog last week and wrote about the same thing. Not a lot of Teen Mommy Bloggers out there. I am sure my blog will be full of many teenager stories. Feel free to come cry.laugh.scream.ordrink right along with me. ;)

  5. This mom blogger has a teen! My second son is a senior in high school. (I also have a son in college, and twin sons in first grade.) You're right in that it is difficult to find other bloggers with teens! I'm glad to know there are some others out there.

  6. I am 36 years old, mom of two children in their 20's (one giving me a grandchild the end of Jan), 3 teenagers, one 10 year old and one 7 year old.

    Whadya wanna know? Chances are I have come across it, screwed it up the first time, done it a bit better the second and may have re-adjusted a third of fourth time by now. {grin}


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