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If a Christmas Tree falls in a house...

It definitely makes a noise.

I heard it...with mine own two ears and saw it with mine own two eyes.

Here's the thing, I had asked the Mr. (multiple) times to tie the tree down. "Nah", he said, "It'll be fine."

As the tree wibbly wobblied hither and nither, I asked again (and again and again), for him to tie the tree down. "There's nothing to tie it to." said the Mr.

I suggested the he could nail a couple of small nails (or screw a couple of small screws) into the window frame or the trim to tie the fishing line to. No dice.

Then the tree fell. Yesterday. While he was waaaaaaayyyyyy out of town, leaving me to man handle the tree back into an upright position all by myself. (I am kicking myself for not taking photos of the tree on the ground...but I was panicking at the thought of a tree stand full of water seeping into the carpet. Sorry.)

(Poor angel, lost all her dignity with her skirt over her head like that!)

I sent him a photo of the carnage via text...replete with a message that went something like this: THE #%$% TREE FELL!!! @#$#% I TOLD YOU SO!!! #@$@#%@#^#$!$#%#$%#$^#$^!$^#!$%$%!!!"

(Okay, so it wasn't that bad. I think.)

My dear sweet hubby redecorated the tree...and secured it:

(I, very obviously, need my camera cleaned.)

Hmmmm...not exactly the inconspicuous small nails, but whatev. It'll work for this year!

Excuse me now, I've got a carpet full of pine needles that needs to be vacuumed.


  1. Oh no!

    When I seen the picture yesterday, I thought your baby girl was helping to undecorate the tree. Never would have thought it tipped over.

  2. OMG...that was a funny post. I feel your pain

  3. OMG, that is too funny! It happened to my mom and dad one year, and they about had a heart attack. And, of course you are the one to deal w/ the clean-up!

  4. Yep, we tied our trees to the wall every year - with a big freakin' nail too!

  5. Get out! It seriously just fell!? LOVE the text though, made me laugh...totally would have done the same thing. :)

  6. Oh...our tree fell a couple of years ago also. I am pretty sure the cat napping in the branches had something to do with it. My husband went out and bought a (lovely) artificial tree in response :)

  7. I had a similar situation at my house on Tuesday except 4 legged animals were involved in the taking down of the Christmas tree. And I wasn't here to see it fall. But I did get pictures and posted them in my most recent blog post.

  8. I have a tree that always needs to be tied up due to a lot of heavy ornaments. Our window frames are white so I bought the small 3m hooks and put them on the inside of the window frame and attached the fishing line to those.

  9. Oh My Gosh! I would hate to have come home to that. I really get upset when my tree doesn't look right anyway. I put up only a 6ft one this year. I was putting on the lights when my husband said to me, "did you check those lights." I gave him a look of, do I look stupid, and I did in fact say that to him. Of course I had to plug them in for him and wouldn't you know it, the top half didn't come on and I swear I had plugged them in earlier..I was so mad that I started ripping the lights off of the tree. He laughed and said, "I was only kidding." Yea right, it didn't matter to me at that point, the pot was already boiling.. I waited until he went to work before I finished the tree. It is beautiful now. So I feel your pain with your tree.

  10. When I was around 14 or so, my best friend and I were balancing on a barbell right in front of our Christmas Tree. We both lost our balance and fell into the tree. Somehow, like out of Kung Fu movie, I got to my feet and reached into the tree and grabbed the trunk, saving the tree from falling over. My mom never found out, but I can only imagine her reaction if it would have fallen over. For the life of me I don't know why a barbell was in front of our Christmas tree. Fun times!

  11. Oh that sucks! I read another blog earlier, and her tree had fallen too! I hope yours stays up this time!

  12. Oh my Lord, that would be awful! Glad the tree is safe and secure now!

  13. That's too bad about your tree but it seems that you've made a great recovery with the string idea. I am following now and I'll be joining you tomorrow for the question hop:)

    Big Foot Tribe

  14. Wow! What a Bummer! You poor thing! That would be so frustrating. I have never had a tree fall down...I can't even imagine how upsetting that would be!

    Glad it is back up and that hubby secured it.

    Try to enjoy it now and just forget all about it sweetie.

    Love, Linda

  15. Oh man....and that poor angel? I think the nutcrackers got an eyeful!

    Glad you didn't have much damage, but couldn't those men just listen??? Silly guys.

  16. I'm Marya's should talk to my mom....her question was "If a 14 ft. tree falls in the living room, does it still make a noise?" Bwhahahaha!

  17. Hehe, sorry, I shouldn't laugh... but I am :-)


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