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Holiday Gift Guide Blog Hop! Week 5..."Teacher Gifts"

Welcome to Week 5 of the Holiday Gift Guide!! Last week was a bust. Children's gifts must be no-brainers...but, I hope that y'all will share your best "Teacher Gifts" ideas with all of us!


I dunno about you, but aside from Man Gifts, "Teacher Gifts" are about the hardest thing for me to find.

In fact, for many years, I just pretended that "Teacher Gifts" didn't exist! I mean, gosh...teachers have families and get gifts from them for Christmas, so certainly they didn't need another bruised apple to make their Christmas merry and bright, right?

So, I just plugged along, blissful in my own little mind that I didn't need to add Mrs. So-and-So to my shopping list.

Then, I got wise. Or compassionate. Or nice. Or something...and I realized that yes, indeed, our childrens' teachers DO deserve a little something for Christmas! However, I then went back into "la-la land" and just forgot about it until the day before Christmas break when I would frantically scrounge together a cute candle holder left over from last year and fill it with Christmas goodies I had laying around.


To the extreme.

So...this year...I'm hoping y'all can share your most brilliant ideas with me! I plan on stockpiling them in my brain to use for years to come!

Now, though, I will share with you, what I found this year for my childrens' teachers!

*Spoiler Alert: If you are a teacher of one of my kiddos, or one of their God Mother' not read any farther lest you be wantin' to find out what you're getting for Christmas! End Spoiler Alert.*

The other day, at Sam's Club (after I nearly killed myself trying to navigate the new roundabouts that have suddenly been shoved into my life...stupid roundabouts) I was cruising through and happened to see a pack of 6 adorable Holiday Note Pads.

***Photos to come. I didn't have time to snap the pics and upload them when I wrote this!!

Festive, fun...fabulous! I was in a hurry, and didn't have the usual 54 minutes that I need to sit there and contemplate my decision. So, home I went. (Actually, I think I went to work, but who's keeping track, right?)

Only to regret I didn't buy them! I had oodles of ideas for people to give them to...I mean, who couldn't use a cute note pad?!!

At the top of my list were my childrens' teachers...I had planned on making the note pads the Jill had mentioned here (I even figured out how to do them with my Mac! If you wanna know, just ask me...I'll tell you! I'm nice like that...), but when I saw these, I just couldn't pass them up!

The whole pack was just under nine, some quick math in this simple mind of mine tells me that those note pads come in under two bucks per pad! Not bad, 'eh?

And, all to be found at your friendly, local Sam's Club!

Okay...let's hear it! What are your "Teacher Gift" ideas?!


  1. Bed Bath & Beyond have coffee cup gift sets for $5 each that I bought before & plan on getting again. If not for teacher gifts, then def to keep for any misc. gift that might pop up. The set includes a coordinating cofee cup and coaster all wrapped in a cute little box.

  2. My kids' teachers bring their lunch I got them each a personalized (grown up) lunch bag. I like these teachers better than others we have had , so I was willing to spend a little more this year!

  3. Scentsy! i guess i'm partial since i sell it but I love the fact that most teachers can use them at home & in the classroom so it's very useful. plus, whenever I smell what I am warming it makes me smile so I can imagine it would make our teachers smile :)

  4. Thanks so much for the linky love!! I feel so famous. I put it in the blog hop too :)

  5. I used to teach 8th grade and then college. Here's the thing - teachers appreciate gifts, however... We get TONS of homemade food (I'd weigh 300 lbs.) Gift cards are always nice - teachers don't make much. One thing we did for one of my children's teachers is have each child buy a charm and made a charm bracelet for her. Then the child wrote up a little card with why they picked the specific charm. Honestly, the best thing to do is get all parents to go together on one big gift. Tons of little things can pile up. Not that they aren't appreciated,but think of for yourself. Do you want several little two or three dollar items where it's the thought that counts, or would you feel blessed by a bigger item or gift card that everyone could contribute what they were able to.
    Just my two cents worth...

  6. I was told that hand made ornaments are a winner too. Make a simple wreath with bow out of cardboard (you might even be able to find them in wood at a craft store) and help your kid paint it and include a picture and the year. It gives teachers a tangible reminder of how many lives they've touched in their careers. :)

  7. What a coincidence! I posted something today and said I was going to get it for my son's teacher AND I have a coupon code on my blog post! Totally linked up with ya, lady! Mwah!

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