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It's Killing me...

I am falling apart. Right before my very eyes...I'm crumbling to pieces.

First, my wonky shoulder/neck/scapula/clavicle thing...and now? A violently wicked sore uvula.

(Courtesy Google Images)

Yes, my uvula is in pain...not so much my throat, but just my uvula. It kept me up...all. night. long.

Okay, and now, before you start thinking that I've gotta be the world's biggest wimp...I've gotta tell you that I'm *usually* pretty tough! 'Member those 5 babes I birthed without a lick of drugs? See? Tough.

Pain tolerance = high.

Now that we've got that outta the way...I need to whine. To complain. To just get it out.


There, I feel better now. Well, emotionally, I feel better...the sore uvula persists. And my tired eyes. Good thing is, my shoulder conundrum feels better today...or, maybe my uvula is just distracting me from that.

I don't have a fever, and I'm sick of spending money on negative strep I'll just tough this out...

Besides, I'm sure the doctor would just end up telling me I have "virusitis". (Which is just my own made up malady that sounds so much better than "You have a virus.")

Stupid virus.

Get lost.


  1. Oh man alive! That's awful!! I hope you have a better day is one of those days where I'm fighting the 'ugly green monster' (as my husby calls it) better known as PMS. The coffee maker almost got it this morning! Feel better, you sound like a tough one!

  2. I am sorry your not feeling well. This is going to sound funny but maybe it is just a canker sore that formed on it. That would make it hurt really bad to top it off that little thing is full of nerves because it helps protect your throat. I sure hope it goes away fast.

  3. UGH! SO not fun!! Hope you feel better SOON!! And I am not going to pretend that I did read "uvula" first. My mind thought it read something else. Just sayin'.

  4. Yuck! Nothing worse than a bad uvula...well maybe there is but not when it's happening. Hope you get better soon!!

  5. I love how you are still funny...even when you are sick. (:>)

    Feel better soon!


  6. My new favorite thing for a sore throat (other than Advil) is Chloraseptic Max lozenges. They taste a lil better than the spray, and if you can make it through the whole thing your throat is NUMB for at least an hour, closer to 2. By then, the Advil has usually kicked in. When the Advil wears off, repeat. ;)

  7. I ran across this post and had to laugh. I have birthed three babies, (one without drugs), and have 2 tattoos, and a few piercings. I had to get a shot in my arm a few months ago, and I think I almost died from the pain the next day. Seriously. What a sucky baby I can be!!


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