Saturday, April 10, 2010

Final Quiz--Blogoversary Countdown!

One final Blogoversary Quiz!! I debated doing it, but I'm on my break at work, and I'm a little what the heck!!

Right?! ;)


This baby of mine turns one tomorrow!! I'll announce the winners of the quiz challenge, and also the new Date of the Week! Check out my Personals to find out the deets on the Date!

Five Question Friday is going strong and steady!! Remeber, the linky is always open til Sunday night, so you can make it Five Question Saturday or, even, Five Question Sunday if you'd like!

Quiz for today...with higher stakes!! 30 points for first correct answerer (is that a word?!), 20 for second, 15 for third!! Oh, and 30 points for a random answerer!!

1. What questionable plant did my grandpa receive from a friend? (hint: June)

2. What movie did Cameron Diaz star in, in which she used a certain "substance" to achieve a wacky hair-do? (*gag*)

3. "You gonna eat your tots, man?" Name that movie...

And, go!

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