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Some light housekeeping...

I was meaning to do this when I got my "new look"...but that time came and went and was interrupted by a couple of Mean Girls.

I am happy to say, the Mean Girl situation is resolving...sincere apologies have been offered, teachers notified, and hackles lowered...tho' Mama Radar is still in full force.

But, what I wanted to say, was...THANK YOU!! to Bloggy Blog Designz for the awesome work on my blog. I will fully admit, I was a difficult client.

I really tried not to be, but I realized I am very hard to please.

Any Naomi Campbell-ish diva moments, aside...I am incredibly pleased with their work! They stuck with me...didn't hide in a fox hole and wave a white flag...they aimed to please, and please is what they did!

So, Jenna and Whitney, thank you!

Also, along with the new look, I wanted to "unveil" new nicknames for my kiddos.

Actually, the nicknames aren't new to us, but they will be to you! These are my kiddos IRL nicknames...bestowed upon them by their weird uncles.

Friends, meet:

The Pal:

The Belle:



And, Baby Girl:

She has yet to grow into a nickname. They tried calling her "Dr. Kenneth Noisewater" for a bit, until I learned that that was what the dude in "Anchorman" called, his right...ah...ahem...I can't say it. Read it here.

Then, she tried on "Do Dat" for awhile. I'm unsure if that one has stuck or, until she reveals her nickname, she shall remain "Baby Girl".

'Cuz that's what she'll always remain to me.


One more thing...I'm pretty sure I want to uninstall Intense Debate. I've seen my comments plummet lately, and I think the extra steps are discouraging to some.

Comments on this? (I tried to do uninstall, but couldn't...kept getting an error code...) Anyone out there loving it and will come after me with pitchforks and torches if I uninstall it?

Or, are most of you saying YES!! Get rid of it?


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