Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why is it...

I've been working on something. Well, somethings, really. Last year for my New Year's Resolution (yes, I do make them) I vowed to become a better advocate for my children. I'm kind of a wimp...well, okay, I'm really a wimp. I've realized that my need and desire to protect, defend and stand up for my children has to come before my fears of hurting someone else's feelings, or being rude, or (heaven forbid) giving people the impression that *gasp* I might be a b**ch!

So, I've been working on growing a backbone, teaching my children that it's okay to politely disagree or to stand up for your beliefs, if you do so in a kind, respectful way. By no means am I a pro at it! Oh no!! It took me about two weeks to get up the courage to talk with the principal last year about the fact that my kindergartner (yikes, was that almost two years ago?!) did not receive a message from the office that I had called to say she would be picked NOT ride the bus home. So, that poor, frightened little girl, was on the bus, alone, no big bro to help her (I know, I know gobs of kids do this everyday...but she hadn't and she wasn't prepared) anywho, two weeks later, I'm calling him, sweating bullets, pittin' out, with a soaring heart rate...all to just let him know about a missed message?!! Sheesh...I get myself soooo worked up!

This new resolution of mine, opened my eyes to something else. Something, that is perhaps even more important than my original resolution. I realized that while I was afraid, no, terrified of hurting someone else...someone I barely knew...I often would talk down or be "snippy" with those I'm closest to and love sooo husband and kids.

Why is it that I wouldn't think twice about the way I was talking, or consider their feelings from my words? I am embarrassed at the way I would scoff or snap at something Mr. Wonderful I any better than him?! Heck no!!

So, I am grateful for the insight that my original resolution has provided me. While I am still committed to being my children's best and strongest advocate, I also am working on being more kind and patient with my words. You know, working on treating my husband and children the way I would like to be treated, thinking before speaking, that sort of thing.

It all comes down to the Golden Rule, doesn't it my friends?

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  1. AMEN Sista! I totally agree with you - I think I am MOST snappy to my husband and Jaden! Why is that? Not sure? Hate it about myself that's for sure ... thanks for thispost - maybe I will have to pay attention to myself a bit more ... as far as being snippy - I am known first and foremost as a B*%CH ... I am an East Coaster and speak my mind - WAY TOO MUCH! I find it gets me in trouble way more than not so I have the opposite resolution ... I need to let people in before I make an opinion about them ... life is too short! COngrats on your resolution ... thanks for this insightful post!

    Have a Happy Day!



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