Monday, July 13, 2009

Potty Talk

If you are in any way, shape or form offended, grossed out or bothered by a little potty (or poo) talk, this story is not for at your own risk, or something.

A while back, I was bothered by a tummy bug...crampy, runs, that kind of bothered by. It just never seemed to get better. After a few weeks of this, I decided to see the doctor. He promptly ordered not one, but two stool samples. Since I could basically poop on cue, I left my first sample before I even left the clinic.

Now, remember that I work at a hospital? The hospital is affiliated with the clinic, so, conveniently, I could "just drop off the second sample at the lab", easy peasy. And it was...the next time I went to work, I carried my second BM collection in a little brown bag (well, you know, in a plastic container in that little brown bag, not in the bag itself...gross.).

I hand it over to the lab tech, who quickly hops on the computer to check the order (the order that calls for two stool samples). As I'm walking away she calls out,

"Is this number one?"

To which I replied, "Nope, it's number two!"

Only then did I realize what had actually come out of my mouth. And burst into hysterical laughter while I turned many, many shades of red! I noticed the lab tech giggling also, and wondered if I had been caught in some sort of "lab inside joke"!

Sheesh, number two!!!


  1. hahahaha! OMG that totally sounds like something I would say :)

  2. Funny! Thanks for the laugh :)

  3. I love your sense of humor. We could sooo be great friends!


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