Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Boys are Back in Town!!

"The boys (and girls) are back in town (the boys (and girls) are back in town),
The boys (and girls) are back in toooowwwnn!"

The camper girls!!

The BWCAW (or "Boundary Waters") was a blast for the fearless campers! Everyone came back alive and unharmed (save for the gash one teenager got that "probably" should have had a "stitch or two"...but, alas, it was not one of my all's well, right?!)...they are down one Barbie fishing pole, but the story goes, they were told, "That's okay Dad, I can just get another one, right?" And that would be my lovely Miss E., speaking like the princess she is (good thing she has a birthday comin' up!).

Their large group of twelve (9 children, 3 adults) got "caught" by the Boundary Waters police...who was asking my BIL in one canoe "Are you with that red canoe?" (he was) To which my BIL replied, "Nope, I don't know them." Mr. Ranger says, "You don't know that red canoe?" BIL confirms, "No." Red canoe then yells out, "Hey Dad, I think this is the portage!!" Busted. Oh, well...Mr. Ranger was kind to them, let them go without a fine, the group then camped on the "edge" of the Boundary Waters at a consensus was that this was a blessing in disguise!

However, said campground had a resident black bear that roamed the premises, seemingly unafraid of humans. One BIL was "accidentally" about 3 feet away from it! Yikes!!! All the kiddos got to see Mr. Bear (who, apparently was quite large, and quite close) and they got quite a kick out of it. Me? I'm just glad I don't hear these stories until after they're back. And I worry for nothing? I don't think so!

So good to have them home.


  1. sounds like a memory filled trip!

  2. I would have been afraid if I saw that Mr. Bear! Cute photos! :)


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