Sunday, July 12, 2009

Not Too Shabby!

3rd out of 32!!

What an AWESOME weekend we had! Our boys finished in 3rd place, played like the fabulous players they are and made their mama's (and papa's) proud! Not sure how he manages to do it, but Big A. spent the majority of the weekend in this position:

My math skills (which means this number could be waaayyy off) tell me that Big A. did this for about 9 hours!! I'll tell you what, if you made me squat like that for 9 seconds my legs would be wobblin' like a bowl of jelly!

It's always a challenge to keep the younger four contained during these marathon baseball weekends, but they do pretty darn well! Ahem, I guess it helps if you feed them a steady diet of ring pops, Dippin' Dots, and soda pop! And keep them entertained by photographing said ring pops if they beg ask very nicely like the polite children they are.

Well, whatever it takes, huh?

And just because it's too hilarious not to share...Little A. wanted to play dress up during our Fourth of July celebration last week (it was raining, we were stuck inside) little boy dress-up clothes to be found, so the ever resourceful Dr. J improvised, and voila!

Super Boy was born!! Man, will this be great ammunition for those teenage years, huh?!!


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