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Note to Self...

Updated update: Comments are now off! And if it weren't so dang late and I weren't so darn tired, I'd head on over to and find us a winner right now. But, alas, it's late and I'm tired. So, tomorrow, my dear friends! G'nite!

Update: Oh, sweet lurkers, come out, come out where ever you are! Just a little FYI--I'll shut off comments to this post tonight, midnight(ish), and determine the winner a bit later (like tomorrow)! :)

Dearest, lovely, charming, intelligent self,

The next time you have grand ideas or blissful images about taking two small children out for supper, on your own, please disregard them. You should know better than to think it would be enjoyable...or at the very least, make sure you visit an establishment with appropriately working restraints on their high chairs. Just sayin'...

Oh, and while we're at it...when you ask your three year old, "Did you see where Tiny Girl put my cell phone?" and he answers, in complete confidence and without any hesitation, "Yeah, it falled off the couch." Don't believe a word he says.

And, have I told you, yet, that I think you are lovely, charming and intelligent? Oh...I have? Ahem...sorry.

All my love,

P.S Did you know that this is your 100th post?!!

Oh, and P.P.S (or is it P.S.S?): Did you know this is your third post for today, lame-o? I mean, lovely, charming, intelligent you...
Egads!!!! My 100th post...somehow that snuck up on me, leaving me totally unprepared!! But I will tell you this...leave me a comment, and I will pick a winner at random and send you a lovely little prize. "What kind of a prize?" You ask. "I'm not really sure." I say. But it'll be enjoyable, I promise...and while we're at it, could someone pleeeaaassseeee stop the screech owls outside my window? They're kinda creepy!


  1. Happy 100th post! I have been dealing with two very active kids all day, and they are still awake and about to drive me insane!

  2. I think your "self" is so funny and witty.

    Congrats on your 100th post.

  3. You tickle me!! So, did you find your cell phone?

  4. Funny! Happy 100th post! I MUST know where you found the phone! MAYBE it will help me locate where my 3 year old has hidden mine...

  5. Going out to dinner without another person to help with the adult supervision is never a good idea except my brain always tells me it is. My son used to throw the remote controls in the garbage. I bought about 5 remotes before I figured out what he was doing. Good luck with finding your cell phone.
    Congrats on your 100th post!

  6. Happy 100th Post ... and why does it seem the notes you post to yourself always seem similar to the notes I SHOULD post to myself ... thanks for making me laugh every day!

    Rebekah Clark

  7. Such a cute blog! You're a very witty writer...I'll be coming back. You've got beautiful kids. Happy 100th post!

  8. Happy 100th post! I just have to add that the whole post made me giggle!

  9. Happy 100th post! I can't believe you've only been blogging since April. There's nothing wrong with three posts a day. I put out 80 in one month once when I first started.

    I really hope you find your phone. :)


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