Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jumping Tracks.

Back when I was just a wee little parasite in my mama's tummy, the newest literature was suggesting that pregnant women should stay away from cigarettes and alcohol (or so my mama says!)...so, she was advised, basically, to not get tanked and to take it easy on the smokes. Hmmmm...wonder what "tanked" in her mind is? I tease her that she's to blame for my adult onset of ADD...meetings hold my attention for about 1.2 seconds, I try, I really, really try to pay attention in church and that lasts about 5 minutes or so, and I am notorious for continually jumping tracks within my train of thought.

Example: (hypothetical, you know, I just want you to get the idea!!) Hmmm, I like that chocolate lab...ooooh, chocolate brown is my new favorite color, mmmm, all this talk about chocolate has got me craving some. Oh, that's right! I just heard there's a Lindt chocolate outlet out east...ah, blast from the past, the New Kids on the Block were from out east. I'd really love to visit the east coast someday. Vacation...yes, must go on vacation this year. Awwww, our trip to FL last year was superb, so much fun...

And so on and so forth. All day long. Until I fall asleep. It's a curse, really it is. I have a BFF, who says this "curse" is not a curse so much as a gift. She's a doctor and she feels that these tracks we jump (happens to her too) is 'cuz our brains are working so fast. Snort, chuckle, laugh...sigh. Maybe for her...but I'm guessing her track jumping is more along the lines of "We need a CBC stat, we may as well get some LFT's and a uric acid. Oh, let's run a UA/UC...blah, blah, blah"...you know, that kind of productive jumping! Versus my, random, barely linked thoughts.

The thing with Dr. J that's so great about our friendship, is that she totally follows along when my random thoughts turn into conversation. We can just throw out completely unrelated subjects (well, what would seem like an unrelated subject, but, you know, to us...totally related!) and we are in sync in conversation immediately. Love it!

Mr. Wonderful is finally learning to keep up with me...in fact, he had a jumping track experience himself the other night. I'm just grateful that at least now, if he can't follow along, at least he can sympathize!

Oooh, speaking of Mr. Wonderful, that's right the grass needs to be cut, oh, but the camper must be moved, gasp we need to get a hitch for the van, ugh, the van needs to be cleaned...


  1. Happens to me all the time!

  2. Love your picture and your blog...also love the colors you have used in your blog...



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