Monday, July 20, 2009

Not My Child! Monday

The ever fabulous and creative MckMama is hosting a spin on our traditional "Not Me! Monday"...who doesn't love to tell stories about their kiddos? All things that did (not) happen, of course!

It wasn't MY child who, when staying at a very accommodating hotel for a baseball tournament, decided that pulling the fire alarm would be a wonderful pastime. And, no, of course the fire trucks and police cars weren't en route when it was determined that someone's unruly child caused the false alarm. No way would my child do such a thing! They are closely supervised at all times. Always.

My beautiful second born baby, when 6 weeks old, went through the common "breastfed, no poops for days and days on end". Being a nurse, I kept myself calm, knowing when she did finally deliver, I'd be longing for the days of no poops again. Low and behold, we weren't at my BFF's bridal shower when it happened. And not at my oldest son's kindergarten teacher's home. Needless to say, with poop literally from head to toe (did I mention literally?), many, many towels were used, and just as many hands helped to clean the little darling. Sigh...our children are so humbling. I mean, you know, not that it actually happened.

As a wee lil' lad, my oldest was never known to throw massive temper tantrums. You know, the sort that would cause one to leave their cart full of melting groceries smack dab in the middle of the grocery store? Oh, you don't know? Yeah, um, me neither. Not My Child, Heavens no!!

Well, that was fun! But, why is it, when I sit down to tap out the great stories, they seem to escape me? Could it be 'cause my sweet little munchkins are causing me to slowly lose my mind? *Gasp*, Not My Children! They are perfectly behaved, 110% of the time, rain or shine, sleep deprived or not. Perfect. Ahem...five crooked halos, I must say!

Have a fantabulous Monday! :)


  1. My children have never done any of these things either! The things are kids put us through!

  2. The fire alarm one had me cringing!!! I'm always worried that it's going to happen!

  3. Oh no! The fire alarm one is horrible...and sounds just like something my oldest would/or will do someday! I have been very close to leaving my grocery in the middle of the store before, but I haven't even actually done it!

  4. Oh no! The fire alarm is hopefully something my child wouldn't touch!

  5. We had a fire alarm scare one time. Not fun.

  6. lol my children are not just as angelic as yours:)


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