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3 Things Blog Hop!

Hmmm...three things you don't know 'bout me, huh? Well, let's see...

1. I used to be a model. Ahem. Yup, totally serious, scout's honor, no lie. Okay, so I was, like, five (and who isn't cute at 5?), and it was for our small town children's clothing store, and my grandma did work there (nepotism at it's finest!). But, I did strut my stuff on a catwalk! Think New York Fashion Week, minus the celebrities, paparazzi and uber chic designers. Take away the posh, swanky venue, the rail thin models and, instead, imagine cute, chubby 5 year olds, knicker pants with matching vests walking a makeshift "catwalk" at our local ballroom with it's beer stained floors and perpetual smokey haze. Uh, huh...I used to be a model.

2. I once whacked my racquetball partner upside the head with my racquet (or is it racket) while playing an intense game of, well, racquetball. That'd be Tara, my BFF, and we then proceeded to laugh so hard we peed our pants...or maybe that was just her, I can't remember. Hmmm, maybe the game wasn't so intense as much as it's players were intensely un-athletic...or maybe that was just me. You never know.

3. If I could do anything at all, with no worries about income or benefits or health insurance, I'd open a candy store. Old fashioned, like in Willy Wonka. It'd have an old fashioned soda bar, and oodles of jars of candy, and we'd host birthday parties, and I'd be known as the CandyGal around town. Sigh. And then I'd sell it for a million bucks.

Happy Blog Hopping!

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  1. Oh! An old-fashioned candy shop would be SO amazing... I can just picture all the beautiful parties you could throw there. And a soda bar?? We used to have an old-fashioned ice cream shoppe in town, which unfortunately met the fate of development hell and shut down, but when it was open... my goodness. SO much fun. :)

  2. I love your list and, more importantly, how you describe things. So cute!

    There is a "sweet shop" right here in our little village in England. There is not a soda fountain or anything, but there are at least a hundred jars of yumminess. It's the cutest place and whenever anyone visits, we like to take them there.

  3. Mama M-
    This is my first blog hop an I'm loving it! Willy Wonka, that was one of my favorties as a kid. How cool would that be?

    I'm new to your blog and am now following! :) You can find me


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