Friday, July 24, 2009

Roses and Thorns

A few months ago, we were visiting our awesome friends, Dr. J and her hubby, Mr. Patient (as in, patience not patients!)--(who missed his professional baseball calling, and instead, stays home with their adorable kiddos!).

Dr. J and I have known one another since first grade. It is an awesome, easy friendship. One thing that is also awesome about our friendship, is that we share the same beliefs in our faith (now, politics? That's another story!!). So, it goes, we were dining at their home one night, we said our pre-meal prayer, and Dr. J says, "Okay, Roses and Thorns?" And her daughter began to list off the "roses" for her day (friends, fun, candy, etc.) and the "thorns" (rain, having to share, etc.).

What a fantastic idea! Well, being the thieves that we are, we stole their idea and now enjoy hearing about one another's "roses and thorns"! In our crazy home, we sometimes have a hard time getting a word in edgewise, so this provides each of our children a special time to tell everyone something about their day, and, also, gives them time to speak in front of others...a little "public speaking" opportunity, if you will!

We've really enjoyed "roses and thorns", our kiddos especially (even if Little A. sometimes gets the rose confused with the thorn!)...and hope that we're passing a wonderful tradition on to our children! Thanks Dr. J and Mr. Patient!


  1. That is a good one...hmmm, I think I might steal it too!

  2. Love that idea!!!!!! I think I might, uhm, "borrow" that one too!!

  3. Aw, what a sweet little dinner time tradition. And what a neat way of finding out about each other's days!

  4. Just found you through @hollyKs twitter post. I'm following, now, and joined your community.

    Don't ya just love blogfrog? :o)


    Stop by my little home on the web any time.


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