Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Prayers for Sweet Stellan

As many of you are well aware, sweet Stellan McKinney is being airlifted to Boston Tuesday. Seeking prayers for the doctors (guided by the Great Physician), that they are able to obliterate Stellan's SVT once and for all. Poor little guy has been fighting all weekend, he deserves some reprieve (and so does the MckFamily!!). My prayers are with them, my thoughts are with them, my heart goes out to them.


And here's my photo! I wanted to pick an "older" photo...here's my lovely Miss E., at her second birthday party. Totally partied out and lovin' on her Great-Grandma H. Don't have a ton of photos with my kiddos and G.G H. (she's still alive and well, we just don't see her often enough!), so this one is "especially" special!

I love how it appears that Miss E. is "worrying" G.G.H's shirt...Tiny Girl does the same thing when she's sleepy!

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  1. You have a beautiful blog....Stopped by from the blog hop....praying for Stellan

  2. Nice blog & also praying for Stellan , just stopping by

  3. Found your blog on the blog hop. Praying for Stellan and the MckFamily here as well.

  4. Also praying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi, I’m just hopping around. Praying for Stellan and the MckFamily. I have enjoyed your blog. Thanks for sharing.


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