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Virtual Mediocrity!

So, after my recent brush with the law, (whew, glad I caught it before, um, anyone else!), I discovered a little somethin' 'bout myself. I once thought I was a clever, witty, verbally creative person...but, boy, this virtual world sure is humbling!

When I thought of the original address (is it URL? I'm still new to this jargon...) for my blog, I thought, "mymamalogue...isn't that creative? A cute play on words?" Turns out, unbeknownst to me, that someone beat me to the punch, and trademarked it! Holy smokes, my heart was pounding as I imagined legal fees, trials, losing my home, my car, spending the rest of my life in prison calmly began my search for a new address.

Then, as I was searching for more creative names to use for my URL (did I get it right?), I found that everything was taken. Everything. I'd think I'd come up with the most clever, original phrase, play on words, and, yup, you got it...taken. Bum-mer. And that's how I ended up with fivecrookedhalos...cute, appropriate, fun (kinda like me?)

It gets worse, this mediocrity of mine. So, I was bloghopping the other day, reading posts and their owners profiles, when I came across one profile that was nearly verbatim to mine...(insert tears, oh, woe is me, tantrums). Really, am I that unoriginal?! What a blow to my ego! But, wait...perhaps I should look at this differently. Maybe she and I are of the "great minds think alike" variety? Do you think, possibly? I should have left her a comment, but I got outta there so fast, I don't even remember where I was!

So here I sit, trying to accept my new found not so specialness. I feel like my tiara's a little tarnished, my gown is ripped and my coach has turned into a pumpkin. Oh woe is me.


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