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Oh, what a day! Slightly chilly, okay I'm kidding, I was freezing!! Geez, us Minnesotan's, can't keep us'd think that since we spend so much of our year literally freezing, that 60 degree weather would feel, well, balmy, nearly tropical, right? Not the case with me! It was darn cold today, but we still enjoyed ourselves!

My nephew (Mr. Wonderful's sister's son) celebrated his high school graduation today, in typical MN house, lot's of food, lot's of friends, lot's of family, even more beer. What that meant for me was, lot's of in-laws (or as we refer to ourselves, out-laws!)...and we stick together! You see, my husband is one of ten (yes, that's right T-E-N) children, no multiples, no adoptions! They are a very close knit family...a little too close, sometimes (he owns his business with his brother, their sister is their office manager, their oldest brother also works for them, they hire their dad from time to time, as well as occasionally hiring their youngest brother and a brother-in-law or two or three...see what I mean?)! I joke with Mr. Wonderful that I think his parents wish they would have had 5 boys and 5 girls, then they could have married each other and not tainted their blood with that of us "out-laws"! (But that, my friends, is an entirely different post!)

So, we out-laws sat on the side-lines and chatted...laughing, joking, sharing 'in-law' stories...and we were in good company, as we all agreed with one another! It really was a fun time and I did enjoy myself (I have yet to warm up!) almost as much as my kiddos enjoyed their "cousin" time! I may not see eye-to-eye with my in-laws (does anyone? I'd love to hear how you do it!), but they raised a pretty darn good man, and I am blessed to call him my husband!


  1. What a funny post about in-laws, out-laws.

    I have five children too. And you work on the side? I didn't see where you posted their ages. But does it really matter...old or young, they still manage to find a way "annoy" each other.

  2. Outlaws..they drive me nuts...and I am sure I drive them nuts! What part of MN are you in? It was pretty nice here...70's and lots of sun..I got the Open House I was at!


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