Sunday, May 24, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Update: Turns out MckMama took Memorial Day off...but, yup, you've got it! Not Me!
It's time for Not Me! Monday! Have a peek over at MckMama's blog, the brains behind this behemoth, brutally honest blog (but not really brutally is Not Me! after all!). I've been cataloging things in my mind all week, so here we go!

I lovingly encourage my children to help out around the house. Major grocery shopping was in order for my family, so off went the Littles and I. Many grocery bags and hungry kids later, we were home unloading our goods. I was in the house unloading some bags when I heard the unmistakable "pop" of an under pressure glass jar breaking. I did not run outside to find spaghetti sauce covering my Nutty Bars and proceed to lose my cool with Little A. and ask him "what are you doing? Next time grab something lighter!" Yeah, um, I would never bring a poor little three year old to tears when he was just trying to help. Ugh, what "Mother of the Year" would do that? Hopefully Not Me! ever again!!!

In my last couple of NMM, I spoke of Mr. Wonderful always taking his laptop to work. How dare he, right? I mean, come on does he think it's his work computer, or what? So, during the day I was not having major blog withdrawls (sweats, shaking, the whole nine yards) and I didn't do a little, ah, rearranging, so to speak:Wow, that's one heck of a hip work space, huh? I would never invest blood, sweat, and tears all in the name of blogging! Well, okay, maybe no blood and tears, but definitely sweat, this is nearly a prehistoric PC, and man is it heavy! All in the name of a stronger internet signal. I'm nothing if not resourceful though! Nope, Not Me!

I had my first "Girls Night Out" in a looooong time on Friday, and I did not enjoy myself one wee little bit! In fact, you can see for yourself how much I didn't enjoy myself here! As you'll be able to see, we did not have any fun at all! Nope, especially Not Me!

Oh, and one silly last Not Me! I did not e-mail Governor Sarah Palin after I read her daughter Bristol's interview in People Magazine! I was not soooo touched by the entire article because that article could have been written about ME, around thirteen years ago! I did not get teary eye'd while reading it and feel soooo compelled that I tapped out a letter about 30 pages long, then realize that she'd probably never invest an evening reading my novel, proceed to delete the whole thing and re-write it in about 3 paragraphs (and man was that hard!!). I would never be so "dorkish" as to be moved by a People Magazine article (also, not another of my addictions)--uh, uh...Not Me!

Well, that's all folks! Happy Not Me! Memorial Day Monday! Have a fantastic week!

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