Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm Venting!

Oh, man! Work was work tonight! I need to vent a little as I feel kinda worked up...had a patient tonight that was very trying. I am usually a patient, tolerant nurse, but this gal was about all I could handle. High anxiety, hard to please, always on her light (nurse speak for very needy) never ended, and nothing I did was enough. I know, I know, I's my job to take care of her, right? So I should just go ahead and shut up, right? I know I should (bad nurse, bad, bad nurse)...I was just plain old ready to cash her in, I just wanted a "normal" patient, one who didn't have panic attacks or strange questions or complaints or who wasn't so uptight about where her pillows needed to be (I'll tell you, though, where I wanted to stuff those pillows...). This makes me sad to say, but I was hoping for her to deliver, not because of the miracle of birth, but so she'd just stinkin' stop complaining/worrying/questioning/freaking out! Man it was tough (ha! Listen to me...what a whiner I am!)!

And then the miracle we were all waiting for (nope, not the delivery, you'd like to think that's what I'm referring to, but nope...), after the delivery, her sister brought in Chipotle...apparently Chipotle should be served in mental health facilities, 'cuz it had the most amazing affect on her. This anxiety ridden woman did a 180 with her personality (well, maybe a 160)...she's munching on her burrito and she's suddenly a completely different person! I've never seen anything like it...I really think it was a miracle!

Speaking of miracles and work (yes, with my job, they go hand in hand, but that is, once again, not what I'm referring to)...I have a co-worker that has brain cancer. This woman is a totally, incredibly, phenomenally amazing person! Her positive attitude and fabulous spirit and outlook impress me to no end. She just had her 3rd surgery and they received the news they had been waiting for...they finally got ALL of the tumor! Check out her story and progress for yourself here. Audra is one courageous woman, send her your prayers!


  1. Wow thats amazing news about Audra! I'll be praying for her!

    Can you be my delivery nurse in November? :) I'm not needy... i promise.. i actually apologize constantly when I HAVE to call the nurse! LOL Complain all you want sweetie, its what friends are for!

    BTW... my kids act like that when their blood sugar is low.... maybe no one ever taught her to deal? :) Sounds like you handled her great without stuffing those pillows where she really wouldnt have wanted them! ;)


  2. I don't know if I could do all you do as a nurse! Amazing work! I was thinking that that patient must really have been hungry! oy vay!

  3. This is great! It's nice to see teh reality/stress of your job. And it was funny! :) Just in case your patient didn't say it, thanks for what you do, without people like you the rest of us would be in serious trouble! ;)


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