Saturday, May 30, 2009

Something Skinks...

Update: Just in case you were, um, wondering...skink tails fall off too. Ah, just a little something I experienced learned recently. Also, possibly their tails affect their life span? I dunno, just thought...

Mr. Wonderful is trying to tell me this is called a "skink"...thing is, I've never even heard of a, skink. Looks to me like a mutated minnow...I've never seen anything like this. Way back, before I was, you know, creeped out by creepy, crawly things, I played with my fair share of salamanders (did you know their tails fall off if you grab them? Not, you know, that I'd know first hand, or anything...), but this is nothing like the black and yellow creatures of my day! Just look:

So there it was, wriggling through the grass...snake style (gives me shivers just thinkin' 'bout it!) and my manly man nabbed it for a quick little educational session with the kiddos: (notice no one is getting too close!)And now, Mr. Skink resides in bucket, being gawked at innumerable times a day, being fed fare of a completely different sort than he's used to (well, at least I think. I'm not up on Skink fare, so he's had a cherry, watermelon and a pea pod...Very Hungry Caterpillar style, I guess!)
(Oh, and P.S--apparently spellcheck hasn't heard of "skink" either! Glad I'm not the only one!)


  1. Learned something new...didn't know about skink either! :)

  2. Skink? Never heard of... don't know if I want to ever Hi there from another Minnesotan... I tried commenting on your previous post but got an error note on my end... I have a surprise baby too... I have a 24 yr old, 21 yr old and an almost 11 yr old...all girls! Have a nice day!


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